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Awaji Greenhouse: A Magical World on Awaji Island

Seeing flowers and plants in Japan is a wonderful experience. The country is home to a vast array of unique and diverse plant species, including both native and non-native varieties. Do you know that one of the best botanical gardens in Japan is located on Awaji Island? 

Awaji Greenhouse is a unique and fascinating botanical garden within a greenhouse that showcases the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Opened in 2000, the place is dedicated to preserving and promoting the local flora of Awaji Island, one of the largest islands in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. It is located at a complex called Yumebutai, which was designed by the renowned contemporary Japanese architect Tadao Ando. 

My First Impression

Originally from Indonesia, which has one of the most diverse flora in the world, I had huge expectations before coming to this place. The moment I stepped into the greenhouse, I knew my visit would be well worth it. The panoramic view from the second floor immediately captured my attention, as the place showcases an immense collection of beautiful flowers and plants. I think the design of the garden is extremely artistic, and I could not help but appreciate the effort that went into building such a charming greenhouse.

Five Areas of Greenhouse

Awaji Greenhouse has five exhibition areas; the Green Sculpture (Midori no Choukoku‐みどりのちょうこく), Garden of Colour (Shikisai no Niwa‐しきさいのにわ), Greenery in Daily Life (Kurashi no Midori‐くらしのみどり), Garden of Evolution (Shinka no Niwa‐しんかのにわ), and Lively Garden (Nigiwai no Niwa‐にぎわいのにわ). Each area has its own unique characteristics and appeal. 

The Green Sculpture and Garden of Colour

The Green Sculpture showcases succulent plants such as cactuses and euphorbias. The splendid forms of the plants combined with the modern design of the exhibition create a unique environment. The Garden of Colour shows plants from tropical and subtropical regions. Being surrounded by plants will really make you think as if you exist in a magical world.

The Greenery in Daily Life, Garden of Evolution and Lively Garden

The Greenery in Daily Life exhibits plants that we often see in our daily lives. The area shows the traditional lifestyle of Japan by using Japanese art and wooden structures. The Garden of Evolution has a simpler design but showcases unique plants that I have never seen before. Finally, The Lively Garden is designed in a way that it is very dynamic and cheerful with many trees and plants, just like a festival. 

Other Exhibition Areas

Other than the five main exhibition areas, Awaji Greenhouse also has smaller exhibition rooms that show unique plants from all around the world, but my favorite one from the smaller rooms is called The Garden of Shade (Hikage no Niwa‐ひかげのにわ). A room where you will be able to see plants that grow indoors in low light. If you think this is just a normal room where you can see indoor plants, then you will be surprised because this room also has a very artistic and modern design.  


I would say that I was extremely impressed by the botanical garden and it exceeded all my expectations. The idea of incorporating modernism and plant works perfectly. The smell of the flowers, the sound of the flowing water, and the outstanding design that is pleasing to the eyes produce an experience as you belong in the magical world surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants. If you’re in the Kansai area and would like to experience something fascinating, I would recommend you coming to Awaji Island and entering the magical world of Awaji Greenhouse.

Facility name: Awaji Greenhouse
Location: 〒656-2306 Hyogo, Awaji, Yumebutai, 4