Experience the Exciting SPY x FAMILY Event on Awaji Island!

spy x family colllaboration event

If you are a fan of the popular anime SPY x FAMILY, then there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the ongoing collaboration event on Awaji Island, where you can experience a SPY x FAMILY-themed attraction. The event is still running, and they even have new activities! Read this article to learn more about it!

Take Instagrammable Pictures at the Flower Park

There is a location for photographs where eight illustrated characters including the Forger family await, decked out in colorful bouquets and flower crowns. These unique illustrations were made especially for this occasion.

Additionally, there are numerous Instagram-worthy spots with beautiful flowers. If you enjoy beautiful settings or want to take memorable pictures with the SPY x FAMILY characters, this will be a delightful experience for you!

Join as a Spy in the SPY x FAMILY Heartthrob Maze

SPY x FAMILY collaboration event maze

As a new Westalian Intelligence Bureau (WISE) agent, you will have an exciting assignment. Navigate a vast, challenging plant-covered maze to reach the destination in 30 minutes by completing three missions that assess your mental, physical, and perceptual abilities.

Your “spy aptitude” will be evaluated based on how long it takes you to complete the tasks and reach your objective. After completing the maze, participants will receive unique, limited-edition gifts that are matched to their aptitude.

They also sell Awaji Island-only SPY x FAMILY goods and collaboration food & drinks! If you want to know more about the SPY x FAMILY event, you can also read the article below!

New Activities! Peanut Shooting Game!

We know that Anya loves peanuts. Keeping this in mind, a shooting game will be held in the photo spot area “Flower Park,” which anyone can freely enter and exit. Prizes will vary depending on the number of targets knocked down within the time limit. Top performers will receive original prizes exclusive to Nijigen no Mori! Aim to become a full-fledged agent and take on the special summer-only game!

All visitors to the “SPY×FAMILY event area will receive a summer-only novelty, a SPY×FAMILY in Nijigen no Mori original fan.

Anime Theme Park “Nijigen no Mori”

The whole SPY x FAMILY event will take about 2 hours, leaving you with plenty of time to explore other attractions in Nijigen no Mori. This extensive anime theme park offers a variety of experiences based on popular anime such as Naruto, Shin-chan, Godzilla, and Dragon Quest.

If you enjoy SPY x FAMILY, we highly recommend the Dragon Quest Adventure, where you can immerse yourself in a charming and exciting world full of adventures!

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Address 2425-2 Kusumoto, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-2301
TEL 0799-64-7061
Website https://nijigennomori.com/
Reservations https://ticket.nijigennomori.com/en/
Operation Hours Everyday10:00-22:00
*Each attraction has a different last reception time and closing time.

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