Enter the Realm of Dragon Quest on Awaji Island. Enjoy a Fully Immersive Experience at the Nijigen no Mori Theme Park.

Poof! Like magic, new attractions keep appearing on Awaji Island.
Among them, the Nijigen no Mori theme park stands out. Here you’ll find the best of the “Cool Japan” craze sweeping the globe. These days, everyone’s talking about the Dragon Quest Island experience, so I went to check it out for myself.

Starting March 4, Dragon Quest Island offers a new attraction called “The Ancient Demon God and the Guided Adventurers”.

Reproduction of the Dragon Quest World

After experiencing Dragon Quest Island, overall, I’d say the great attention to detail in this production has a level of quality sure to satisfy even the most demanding Dragon Quest fans.
Also, since the game follows a classic RPG structure, I think even people new to the Dragon Quest series will have a great time.
On top of that, because you end up exploring a vast field as the story goes on, it’s great exercise too.

My feeling is that this makes a fantastic sightseeing spot, especially for families, so keep it in mind for a day out with the kids!

Let’s take a look at the attractions, prices, how long it takes, and other details.

Adventure Log and the Mark of Adventurers

After entering the Dragon Quest Island area, at the reception you are given 2 items, the Adventure Log and the Mark of Adventurers as well as a wrist band. As a big fan, I was super excited to get this kind of souvenir!

The Adventure Log is a guide to go through the attraction, guiding you through the story.

I am to touch an emblem of slime set up throughout the area with the Mark of Adventurers to move forward in the story. I am expected to talk to villagers, fight the monsters, open the treasure box, and discover medals as I go through the story! I cannot wait to start my adventure!

The two kinds of wristbands visitors receive

Streets of Onokogard

Entering this area, the cityscape of the fantasy medieval town called Onokogard sprawls out before you. I was amazed at how the atmosphere of the city was recreated just as it appears in the Dragon Quest game.

Streets of Onokogard

These clay pots, that all Dragon Quest fans must know well, were also just as I had imagined. The quality was so good, as a fan of the game, I wanted to break them open to see what was inside, but I didn’t!

The well-known pots from the Dragon Quest series

Check out this poster of the notorious “Killing Machine”. Other posters of creatures from the game are all over, so keep an eye out for them.

Killing Machine poster

And how about the music! For Dragon Quest gamers, you’ll definitely recognize the soundtrack, like the tune that plays when a monster is defeated, or the sound effect when you clear a sub-quest. Hearing this dramatic melody made my heart race with anticipation.

But even if you’ve never played Dragon Quest, anyone would enjoy the amazing atmosphere. The game level is not too difficult, so even a novice can have a great time. The townscape and music are super high quality, so I really felt like I was diving into the Dragon Quest world.

Before facing the boss in the city of Onokogard, I needed to first prepare my equipment.

The Weapon Shop and limited-edition Onion Slime Popcorn Bucket

Fight the Monsters

Talking to the residents of Onokogard, solving difficult situations, fighting monsters to get money and going shopping for new gear – this basic storyline was true to Dragon Quest and just as it is in the game.

Since it’s a pretty classic style of RPG, I’m sure even people who don’t know Dragon Quest will have a great time going through it.

In the area where we fight the monsters, the music suddenly changes, and the atmosphere is slightly different from the rest of the town. As I fought my way forward, I encountered many of the most famous characters.


I met those monsters who appeared at the early series of the game like Slime and Dracky. As I won the flight against the monsters, I was able to go to the next level.


I encountered the stronger monsters like Great Sabrecat and King Slime who usually appear in the middle of the game. They are reproduced to the details and so cool!

Great Sabrecat

Ah! Liquid Metal Slime!
I was so excited to discover this character that appears so rarely in the story, hidden in the area. When you visit, be sure to search all over for monsters and snap a selfie with them.

Liquid Metal Slime

The Mid-Boss Battle

The Battle with the Mid Boss at the Temple of Esimar

After emerging victorious among the monsters, it’s finally time for the Mid-boss Battle.

The battles with all the monsters are tons of fun, but the Mid Boss is something special, set in this temple. It radiates the aura of something sacred, supernatural.

As expected, the Mid-Boss was a baddie. When I was under attack, the wind and vibration made me feel like I had stepped into the game and was really fighting for my life.

The Final Boss Battle

Castle where the final boss awaits

After slaying the mid-boss, you’ll need to clear several more stages until finally taking on the final boss.

I was really impressed with how thoroughly this world was created, from meeting the many villagers to the countless discoveries that appear during your adventure. After helping the villagers to strengthen their position, it was, at last, time to face the Final Boss, the Monster.

Castle where the final boss awaits

I can’t show you the inside of the castle because photography is prohibited, but I think you can sense the ominous atmosphere from the photos above.

Even in the passageway leading up to the bout against the final boss, the high-quality spooky lighting and ominous music filled me with a sense of dread.

The battle was awesome. Various techniques were used to create a real sense of presence, and power of the final boss loomed greater than ever.

Those brave enough to have played Dragon Quest III to the end will no doubt be thrilled with the game-inspired effects that abound throughout the battles.

How long does it take?

It takes about 2 hours if you go straight through the course.
If you want to take your time and look around, or just want to enjoy being in another world, we recommend setting aside about 3 hours for the game.

How much does it cost?

Admission to Nijigen no Mori is free, but each attraction requires an admission fee.
There are three types of admission fees. All the prices below include tax.
“Adult” means junior high school students and older, while “Child” means 5 years old to elementary school students.

General admission prices for Dragon Quest Island are :
Adult :  3,400-4,000 yen
Child : 1,400 to 1,600 yen

Tickets called Robin ‘’Ood’s Mischief Big Strategy including an entrance to a sub-quest in addition to a main story are :
Adult : 5,400-6,000 yen
Child : 2,900-3,100 yen

Premium tickets come with a “Zenithian Shield Backpack” and “Stuffed Homilot IV” to enhance your adventure even more.
Adult : 12,400-13,000 yen
Child : 10,400-10,600 yen

Zenithian Shield Backpack

Stuffed Homilot IV

Luida’s (Patty’s) Bar

After enjoying the attractions, I had a well-deserved lunch at the cafe “Luida’s Bar” a familiar watering hole from Dragon Quest.

Luida’s Bar is also in Nijigen no Mori, but it’s open even to people who aren’t experiencing Dragon Quest Island, so drop by anytime. Let me tell you about my experience here.

Homilot and Slime Adventure Curry

This is the “Homilot and Slime Adventure Curry” with “Slime Waffle Caffe Latte”. Homilot is your trusted companion by your side through the adventure along with his sidekick Hoimi Slimes (jellyfish-like slimes).
The curry was super yummy, chock full of good stuff like clams, with an enticing seafood aroma.

Homilot and Slime Adventure Curry and Slime Waffle Caffe Latte

Liquid Slime Metal Spicy Curry

Next, I tried the “Liquid Metal Slime Spicy Curry” and “Hero’s Adventure Drink”.
The Liquid Metal Slime Spicy Curry was not only adorable but also an authentic spicy curry.

“Liquid Metal Slime Spicy Curry” and ” Hero’s Adventure Drink”

Slime Packed! Nakayoshi Burger Lunch Box

My last dish was “Slime Packed! Nakayoshi Burger Lunch Box” and “Homilot’s Help Multiheal Drink”.

Nakayoshi Burger Lunch Box” and “Homilot Help Multiheal Drink”

This Nakayoshi Burger Lunch Box is a fun choice because each slime is a bun and you choose the fillings to make your own original hamburger.

Whether you’re a diehard Dragon Quest fan or have never heard of the story, the amusing adorable dishes are sure to bring a smile to your face. Since you don’t need to enter the Dragon Quest game to enjoy Luida’s Bar, feel free to drop by.

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