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Authentic Japanese Cuisine Experience At Aman no Shokutaku

Have you ever pondered the true essence of authentic Japanese cuisine? I found myself delving deeper into this intriguing question when I had the privilege of dining at Aman no Shokutaku, nestled on enchanting Awaji Island in Japan. To sum up, my dining experience at Aman no Shokutaku was nothing short of extraordinary. In this article, I will take you through the ambiance of the restaurant and the exquisite that left me hugely impressed.

Traditional Yet Luxurious Hidden Gem Serving Authentic Japanese Cuisine

Aman no Shokutaku is an authentic Japanese culinary restaurant nestled on the picturesque island of Awaji. You will be invited to experience the very essence of Japan’s national delicacies that have been passed down through generations, lovingly crafted from the ingredients of Awaji Island’s land and sea.

From the moment I approached the restaurant, I was captivated by its exterior design. The grandeur and luxury exuded by the building were awe-inspiring. The use of specific types of wood in its construction perfectly aligned with the restaurant’s concept of being a luxurious and authentic Japanese dining experience. Upon entering, my admiration only grew as I beheld a remarkable collection of vintage wines and other alcoholic beverages near the entrance. The restaurant’s ambiance, though luxurious, was warm and inviting, thanks to the clever use of wood in its interior design.

Aman no Shokutaku has two floors, and I opted for the first floor, known as Utage, which specializes in pirate cuisine—a traditional culinary style deeply rooted in Awaji Island’s heritage. Since Awaji Island is also known as the birth place of Japan, it was said that pirate cuisine solidly represents authentic Japanese cuisine. It places a strong emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, celebrating the rich waters and lush nature of Awaji Island.

Autumn-limited Hoba-yaki Miso Butter Salmon with Mushrooms

Seated comfortably, I checked the menu and discovered that they were currently offering an autumn-limited selection. My choice was the Hoba-yaki Gozen of Miso Butter Salmon with Mushrooms. Hoba-yaki is a dish using a dried hoba (magnolia) leaf. The ingredients are cooked together over a charcoal fire and the sauce is placed on top of the leaf. I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my meal while relishing the restaurant’s elegant yet homely atmosphere.

When my dish arrived, the appetizing aroma of miso butter wafted from beneath the closed lid, enticing my senses. Accompanying the salmon dish were a Chawanmushi and a bowl of miso soup. I could not resist trying the miso soup first, and it was a revelation—a delicate yet complex flavor that showcased the meticulous effort put into its preparation, while still retaining the gentle essence of traditional miso soup. The chawanmushi was equally delightful, with a very soft texture and nice flavors. As a side, they included okra vegetables, a personal favorite of mine, which added to the meal’s appeal.

Now, onto the main attraction—the Miso Butter Salmon and Mushrooms on top of the magnolia leaf. As I lifted the lid, the irresistible aroma of butter and miso filled the air, urging me to savor it immediately. Beneath the salmon and mushrooms lay a layer of a leaf, enhancing the aroma and depth of flavors. I took my first bite of the mushrooms, which had absorbed the luscious miso butter sauce, and the taste was extraordinary. The mushrooms, with their natural texture and flavors, were elevated to new heights when combined with the miso butter sauce.

And then came the salmon. As I cut into it and took a bite, I was treated to remarkable flavors. The combination of salmon and the rich, strong miso butter sauce created a mouthwatering and satisfying experience. The butter’s richness, subtly sweetened by the miso, harmonized flawlessly with the salmon. This combination was undeniably one of the most exceptional flavor pairings I have encountered in recent memory.

More about Aman no Shokutaku

During my conversation with the staff, I inquired about the variety of dishes available at different times of the day, as it became apparent that their menu offerings differed between lunch and dinner. For lunch, the restaurant featured a simpler menu, predominantly comprising authentic Japanese cuisine-style set meals and udon. However, when it came to dinner, the options expanded considerably, with standout choices like the Pirate’s Banquet and Pirate’s Sushi Bowl gaining significant popularity. Additionally, it seems like they present chicken and fish dishes in an exceptionally innovative manner.

Considering the array of dinner options and the exceptional culinary experience I had, I am already looking forward to returning to Aman no Shokutaku in the future for an evening of gastronomic delights. Leaving the restaurant, I was filled with contentment, having eaten delicious food that reflected the essence of authentic Japanese cuisine. The seamless combination of luxury and tradition at Aman no Shokutaku contributed significantly to enhancing my overall experience during my Awaji Island trip.

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Name Aman no Shokutaku
1F Utage
2F Sajiki
Address 1042 Nojima-Tokiwa, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1726
Tel "Utage” 0799-70-9089
“Sajiki” 0799-70-9090
Operation Hours “Utage”: Weekdays 11:00~21:00 (L.O. 20:00) / Sat., Sun. & Holidays 10:30~21:00 (L.O. 20:00)
“Sajiki” 11:00~15:00 / 17:00~21:00 (L.O.19:30) Closed: Tuesdays
Website https://amannoshokutaku.jp/
Reservations: Utage https://www.tablecheck.com/en/shops/aman-utage/reserve
Reservations: Sajiki https://www.tablecheck.com/en/shops/aman-sajiki/reserve

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