Awaji Island

Near Awaji Island, the Kansai region holds a wealth of wonders worth a visit. Here is a small sample of some highlights waiting to be discovered. 

Kobe city is only a 20 minute train ride away from Osaka and a great place to experience both nature and the vibrant city.


Famous for its stunning waterfront, Kobe boasts a unique blend of cosmopolitan charm and captivating history. Explore the bustling streets, savor the world-renowned Kobe beef, and hike up the Rokko Mountain for panoramic views.  


Kobe also has famous Arima Onsen for those who wish to skip the hiking and shopping and just enjoy the scenic baths in the mountain side. 

The city of Himeji is located in Hyogo prefecture just less than an hour Shinkansen ride away from Osaka. The city is home to a true masterpiece of Japanese architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage.

Himeji Castle is an extremely popular site. With its striking white walls, elegant design, and intricate wooden framework, Himeji Castle is a living testament to Japan’s feudal past. Step into a world of samurais, princesses, and legendary battles as you explore its towers.

As a hub of gastronomy, culture, and entertainment, Osaka offers an irresistible array of street food, historic landmarks, and lively neighborhoods. 

From the neon-lit Dotonbori district to iconic Osaka castle, Osaka offers a captivating and inviting atmosphere to roam around. Click below to read more about the Osaka castle history and how to access the place. 

Osaka is not just about the vibrant city, but it also offers historically claimed places, like the world heritage site of Mounded Tombs of ancient Japan. This group of ancient tombs located at the southern area of Osaka prefecture was inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list in 2019. Click below to learn more about it!