Find Fantastic Future Tech at World Expo 2025

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Let’s stop for a moment, and turn our minds to the future. Envision a more interconnected society with cutting edge air and land mobility, automatic translation providing seamless communication across borders, a world where the power of AI and lightspeed computing transform every field. Welcome to the future. Welcome to the World Expo 2025 in Osaka, Japan, from April 13 to October 13, 2025.

Let’s dive deeper into the complex future of technology and innovation as visualized by this groundbreaking event

Society 5.0: a brighter tomorrow powered by innovation

The 2025 World Expo will highlight the challenges faced by humanity and showcase potential solutions. Whether social, environmental, or lifestyle related issues, the relentless advancement of human ingenuity promises ways to overcome problems that may seem insurmountable. Visit the Expo to see what brilliant minds are working on in diverse fields, from transportation to waste management and inner peace.

What is Society 5.0.? What technologies will become the foundation of this future society?

Mobility: getting from “A” to “B” to…?

A fleet of roughly 100 electric buses both inside and outside the Expo site will take visitors around the enormous grounds. These state-of-the-art electric buses are sustainable, efficient modes of transport, automatically powering themselves during operation. The Expo also presents a precious opportunity for a large-scale showcase of Level 4 automated driving.

Not impressed yet? Head to the “Mobility Experience” in the northwest area of the grounds. Here, you can check out the on-site “vertiport” where the world’s state-of-the-art aviation tech will feature helicopter drone trips between 2 points inside and outside the Expo site.

These revolutionary innovations promise a truly moving experience.

Lifestyle: communication beyond borders

As the trend of globalization gathers pace, we constantly seek better and better ways to facilitate international communication. Expo 2025 will address this challenge by utilizing a variety of tools to create a truly global environment free of language barriers.

An advanced automatic translation system developed entirely in Japan will guide international visitors with automatic translation and simultaneous interpretation available in 30 languages, including Japanese.

A translation engine developed domestically was necessary to streamlines communication with Japanese, known as one of the most challenging languages in the world. The application is free for all visitors. Just install it on your smartphone or other device, then talk to the world.

The Automatic Simultaneous Interpretation System will also be available for seminars and symposiums. Speakers’ presentations will be automatically translated with subtitles displayed on venue screens and audience mobile devices. Online streaming will enable viewers outside the venue to enjoy simultaneous interpretation in 6 languages, including Japanese.

Digital Worlds: leave reality behind

The technology of creating virtual worlds through VR and AR has gained popularity in recent years, extending its use beyond entertainment to industries such as agriculture and infrastructure. Expo 2025 will also embrace this technology.

Take a tour of the Yumeshima Island site in Osaka even before you come, by exploring the recreated 3DCG online space. Slip into the virtual skin of an avatars, visit virtual pavilions, peruse the exhibits, and interact with special features only available in the virtual world. After physically arriving onsite, let Augmented Reality add imagination and fantasy to everyday objects.

Medical Treatments: the power to heal

expo 2025 thank you life

Health is a crucial focus of the Expo 2025, with advanced medical technology taking center stage. One notable showcase will feature iPS cell-derived cardiac tissue sheets, which have the potential to restore the heart.

As Executive Producer, PASONA NATUREVERSE is proud to welcome Dr. Yoshiki Sawa, Professor Emeritus of Osaka University, a renowned authority in the regenerative medicine of iPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells). With a focus on the interconnectedness of body, mind, and societal bonds, the pavilion offers a multifaceted exploration of life’s essence.

world expo 2025
iPS heart currently under development (provided by Cuorips Inc.)

Utilizing established technology, iPS cells and iPS myocardial sheets will be showcased. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness a three-dimensional heart created from living cells made with biomaterials and bioengineering. An actually-beating iPS heart in a culture solution will also be on display, demonstrating the potential of new technologies to shape the future of medicine and life sciences.

To provide visitors with a realistic depiction of a moving heart, PASONA NATUREVERSE will exhibit a 3D, dynamic cardiac muscle model. This dynamic exhibition of an iPS cell-based heart model may be a world-first, showcasing the potential of regenerative medicine technology and allowing visitors to experience this technology at the World Expo 2025.

Today’s solutions for Tomorrow’s Problems

A wealth of other technologies are yours to explore at the World Expo 2025. One area is dedicated just to showcasing future technology and innovation across various fields, aimed at addressing a diversity of issues related to society at large, transportation, food, energy, manufacturing, and much, much more.

This comprehensive display will demonstrate how advancements in technology can contribute to solving challenges across different sectors, paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future.