Traveler Essentials

Japanese language and useful phrases

Japan’s official language is Japanese which consists of three different writing systems, hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

Even though English is a mandatory subject at school, Japanese people in the main lack the confidence to speaks it, despite having some knowledge. You might be able to get through by showing the English typed on our phone to be more easily understood. It is very helpful to have Google Translate and use the camera option to translate Japanese characters in real time (requires internet). This is extremely helpful for example restaurant menus.

Simple phrases

Ohayo gozaimasuGood morning
KonnichiwaGood afternoon
SumimasenExcuse me
HajimemashiteNice to meet you
Gomen nasaiI am sorry
WakarimasenI don’t understand
Nihongo o hanashimasenI don’t speak Japanese
Eigo o hanashimasuka?Do you speak English?
ArigatouThank you
___ wa doko desukaWhere is ___?
___ wa ikura desukaHow much is ___?
Itadakimasu!Bon Appetit/let’s eat!
Oishii desuIt’s delicious
Kawaii!It’s cute!
TanoshiiThis is fun