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Delight in Vegan Cuisine with Hello Kitty

Vegan menu

Vegan cuisine can be enjoyed right here on Awaji Island and even with cute Hello Kitty!

Many ingredients and a stock used for Japanese cuisine are plant-based. Zen cuisine does not include any animal-based ingredient at all. Yet, a number of so-called vegan restaurants are much less than regular restaurants in Japan. For those looking for vegan cuisine, an answer is HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX.


Hello Kitty-shaped Roof

HEELO KITTY SHOW BOX is a theater restaurant where Hello Kitty and her band entertain you all in a marvelous show while you enjoy your lunch or sweets. The menus offered are all vegan, not using any animal-based ingredients. They are not only delicious but also very cute (“kawaii”, one of Japanese pop culture). Those who are health-conscious or in SDGs-mind also find this vegan cuisine fitting to their needs. If you are into cute things or experience something extraordinary, come to HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX!


What are the merits of vegan cuisine?

Pancakes and other sweets are also vegan at HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX

It is said that there are three major merits in eating vegan cuisine.
1.Increase a level of immunity: By eating much fruit and vegetables, you can increase a vitamin intake. It is also important to have an adequate amount of physical exercises.

2.Increase an intake of dietary fiber: By eating a good amount of mushrooms and vegetables, you can naturally increase an amount of dietary fiber, which is good for your bowel movement.

3.Support your positive thinking: Above merits help you stay healthy and in turn, help you keep a positive thinking. As an old adage goes, “a healthy body, a healthy mind”!

Vegan and SDGs

Selecting and eating vegan cuisine, you can actually contribute to SDGs. For example, there are many people on this earth who don’t have enough food and/or education and place to live. One of the reasons for not enough place to live is said to be an increase of ranches for raising cattle. By opting to eat vegan food, you can contribute to a reduction in consumption of beef and other meats. In short, you can contribute one of SDGs, “No Poverty”!

It is not easy to alter your food preferences. HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX is an easy to try a vegan food.