Explore The Fascinating World of Sake in Winter on Awaji Island

Sake in winter takes on a special significance as its diverse flavors become more prominent. The colder months provide warmth and an ideal backdrop for fully savoring the intricate taste profiles that sake in winter has to offer. Awaji Island emerges as a distinguished destination that epitomizes this experience, offering a unique combination of scenic beauty and a thriving sake culture. This article will delve into the unique aspects of enjoying sake in winter and introduce a location on Awaji Island that is perfect for sake enthusiasts.

Sake in Winter Takes the Center Stage in Japan


Japanese sake is also known as nihonshu (日本酒), and it holds the status of Japan’s national alcoholic beverage. The flavors span a spectrum from sweet to dry, rich to light, and mildly subtle to significantly robust. Japanese sake not only serves as a conduit between divine beings and humans in legends but also plays a crucial role as a unifying medium, woven into various scenes throughout Japanese history and culture.

In the heart of winter, Japan transforms into a beautiful landscape adorned with snow and illuminations. It is during this season that sake, the nation’s famed rice wine, becomes essential. The cultural significance of sake in winter lies in its ability to provide both warmth and comfort, making it an integral part of traditional celebrations and gatherings. The nuanced flavors of sake seem to resonate more profoundly in the colder months, offering a great experience that mirrors the beauty of the winter season itself.

Awaji Island: A Must Visit in Winter for Sake Enthusiasts

What adds intrigue to sake in Japan is its regional diversity, where distinct characteristics are shaped by variations in rice types, water sources, and other ingredients employed in the production process. Located amidst the tranquil waters of the Seto Inland Sea, Awaji Island stands as a hidden gem for those in pursuit of a winter’s sake journey. Apart from its picturesque landscapes and tranquil ambiance, Awaji Island has a hidden gem perfect for sake enthusiasts, Koshunoya.

Koshunoya: Winter Sake Memories on Awaji Island

SEIKAIHA Koshunoya, stands as a unique establishment specializing in vintage sake, shochu, and plum wine carefully selected from over 100 sake breweries across Japan. Notably aged for more than a decade, these exquisite beverages boast a rich tapestry of aroma and flavor. Koshunoya is a prestigious location on Awaji Island, notably due to the two Brands of vintage sake available in the store being awarded gold and silver by the World “Féminalise” Wine Contest.

Step into the shop, and you will discover an impressive collection of around 70 varieties of vintage sake. The staff is very knowledgeable and readily available to share detailed product information, including the brewery, ingredients, and, most importantly, guidance on the optimal way to enjoy each sake and the ideal food pairings, including the perfect sake in the winter season. You can try two of our recommended winter sake choices. The 1984 Iwanoi boasts a rich, deep flavor with a hint of citrus fruit aroma. Alternatively, the 2009 Maboroshi no Taki delivers a refreshing sourness followed by a sweet white wine taste.

Vintage Sake Tasting and Making Your Own

The sake journey does not end here. You can also do a sake-tasting experience at Koshunoya. Tasting the sakes makes it easier to determine what type of flavors you specifically like, and if you do find a favorite among them, you can purchase that at the shop to make a nice souvenir. Each sake in the tasting is accompanied by an informative card detailing its age, brewery origin, and flavor profile, offering an engaging experience, especially for beginners.

You can even indulge in the unique opportunity to make your own sake blend at Koshunoya. With the guidance of the sommelier, you can choose your preferred sake as the foundation, pouring a few milliliters into a measuring glass. Add complementary sakes, mix, and savor the process of tailoring your blend, resulting in a personalized sake blend finely tuned to your distinct taste preferences. For those in search of the perfect sake to complement the winter season, our sommelier will be available to assist. They will expertly guide you in selecting impeccable combinations of sakes, curated to evoke warm and comforting flavors.

While seated at the counter, enjoy the breathtaking view of the Seto Inland Sea. The west coast sunset of Awaji Island has also earned its place among the “Top 100 Sunsets in Japan”. You can make this spectacular moment yours, accompanied by a set of vintage sake.

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On Awaji Island, where winter weaves a picturesque tapestry of stunning landscapes and culinary delights, Koshunoya stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of sake in winter. As you immerse yourself in the warmth of sake, surrounded by the seasonal beauty that Awaji Island unfolds, the experience becomes a celebration of tradition and flavor that you will always remember in your life.