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A Thrilling Godzilla Experience and Anime Park Adventure on Awaji Island

Awaji Island, located in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture, has become an irresistible destination for thrillseekers and pop culture enthusiasts alike. The Godzilla attraction, developed together with Toho Studios consists of a short movie, a zipline, a shooting game, a museum, a shop and themed food.

Start the Operation!

As part of the attraction, visitors are invited to become members of the “National Awaji-island Institute of Godzilla Disaster”, or NIGOD for short, and tame the fearsome beast by completing a series of “missions.” It all begins with a seven-minute movie made by Toho Studios showcasing the story behind the site and what is expected of the people participating in the operation.

The short film sets the scene for the entire attraction as it tells how this ancient monster came to be captured on this island and what needs to be done in order for peace to return.

Dive into the Belly of the Beast

The next part of the mission is ziplining into the mouth of the roaring (but inactive) monster. Choose either the “Inner Body Observation Course” or the “Outer Body Observation Course” to approach Godzilla by zipline and explore the lifeforms in the belly of the beast. You must leave your belongings in the coin lockers and gear up for the zipline experience with a harness and a helmet. I would recommend not to wear a dress or a skirt for this one!

After getting kitted up, you listen to a safety briefing before heading up to the zipline platform. You can choose to either zipline to the side of Godzilla, “Outer Body Observation Course” (152 meters in length), or into the mouth of the inactivate Godzilla, “Inner Body Observation Course” (162 meters). A clear case with a neck strap is provided so you can take videos and photos without worrying about dropping your phone. However you’re not allowed to take photos during the actual zipline ride for safety reasons.

Battle the Cells

You’ve surveyed the body of the Godzilla and now get to compete in a shooting game where players must stop Godzilla from growing further by aiming at its cells. The Godzilla cells are scattered next to the main body and you must aim to inactivate them to get a high score. But beware, since Godzilla might try to attack back, you must take cover before continuing your mission!

Almost Done

After saving the day in the shooting range and taking a couple of memento pictures, you have successfully helped to retain the peace and can return the zipline harness and headgear. The last mission stop is at the world’s first permanent Godzilla museum. The museum is co-created with Toho Visual Art Company, as it showcases over 100 exhibits, including iconic costumes, props, and production art from various Godzilla films. Take a look at the dioramas that faithfully recreate legendary scenes from Godzilla’s cinematic history.

The museum also displays some original artwork for the movies’ monsters and a clay model preserved in a humidified glass box.

The changing exhibition is worth seeing and taking some commemorative photos of, since it is most likely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Time for Some Shopping

Beyond the museum lays a gift shop with extensive range of Godzilla merchandise, including exclusive Awaji Island NIGOD collectibles. Outside the shop you can treat your taste buds to the renowned Godzilla curry, featuring Awaji onions, or try the Godzilla Mabomen, a dish adorned with impressive tofu artwork. All in all, it’s a wonderful way to end your mission at the Awaji Island Godzilla Interception Operation!

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