Western-Style Restaurant With Antique Furnishing

There is a Western-style restaurant with antique furnishing on Awaji Island. The interior of the restaurant, inspired by a Meiji-era guest house, is decorated with chandeliers, natural stone, paintings, and Western tableware. The Meiji era symbolizes the westernization of Japan, opening its doors to the world after national isolation of more than 200 years.

The building reproduces the characteristics of the neo-baroque style taken over from Paris in the Meiji era. The antique furnishings provide a space that makes you feel as if you have time-traveled to the Meiji era.

The eastern part of the Seto Inland Sea, the Harimanada Sea, can be viewed from inside the restaurant, which has a full glass wall. Meals will be Western cuisine interpreted in a Japanese way during the Meiji era using seasonal ingredients from Awaji Island. It is served on gleaming Western tableware.

Located in the theater and restaurant complex, SEIKAIHA, on the west coast of Awaji Island is the Western-style restaurant “Uminoya”. The elegant and luxurious space and delicious Western food will make you feel blissful.

The Chandelier Shines and Recreates the Splendor of the Meiji Era

As said earlier, the interior of the Western-style restaurant with antique furnishing is inspired by a Meiji-era guesthouse. A large natural stone is placed in the center. Large paintings are displayed on the walls. Western tableware is displayed on the shelves. Even the tables and chairs are antique. The interior has a sense of grandeur and opulence.

One of the most striking features of the restaurant is the colorful and vibrant chandelier made of Venetian glass that hangs from the vaulted ceiling. The chandelier shines in many colors as it is bathed in sunlight. The concept of the store is expressed through this chandelier. From the second floor of the restaurant, you can enjoy the detailed and graceful shape better.

Luxurious Porcelain-Like Expo of Fine Western Tableware

The antique furnishing of tableware on display in the store are all first-class pieces from Europe and include pieces from four world-renowned workshops. The gorgeous porcelain is truly like an Expo of fine Western tableware.

Here are four brands of Western tableware displayed in the store.

Austrian porcelain manufactory [AUGARTEN]

Augarten’s work is considered one of the finest porcelain in the world. It is also known as the porcelain manufactory that is believed to have made the first porcelain coffee cup. It is certified as a “Vienna Product”, which is only given to companies that carry on the history and art from Vienna, the capital of art.

Hungarian porcelain manufactory [HEREND]

Herend bears the anecdote that Queen Victoria ordered a dinner set from Herend at the World’s Fair in London, England, in 1851. Since then, Herend’s work has been renowned as the finest brand among the European aristocracy.

German porcelain manufactory [NYMPHENBURG]

Nymphenburg boasts a history of over 2,500 years. Everything is still done by hand, from the formation to the painting. The same old formulas are used for the paints, and the waterwheel is used for the power. It is a porcelain workshop that combines history with the highest reputation in the world.


The works of Meissen are regarded as the pinnacle of Western white porcelain. This is the designation for porcelain made in the Meissen region of Germany.

The tableware is made in world-renowned porcelain manufactories that you would normally have to travel to Europe or visit exhibitions to see. The space where they are all gathered together can be said to be very luxurious and elegant.

The recommended menu is “Sankai Bisyoku Full-Course Meal”

The recommended menu at the Western-style restaurant is the “Sankai Bisyoku 5-Course Meal”. This full-course meal is richly prepared with seafood from the sea and mountains of Awaji Island. There are also times when live music is performed.

We also offer an “Anniversary Pair Full-Course Meal” for special anniversaries. In addition to the courses, an anniversary zuccotto cake, a message plate, and live music are included in this attractive meal.

Sankai Bisyoku Full-Course Meal

  • Cold Appetizer: Fish Carpaccio with Marinated Seasonal Vegetables
  • Hot Appetizer: Sauteed Foie Gras with Broiled Tomato and Mushed Sweet Potato
  • Fish Course: Wild-Caught Sea Bream Steamed with Wine, Mushroom Sauce
  • Meat Course: Sauteed Awaji Beef Loin with Mustard, Home-made Bread and Butter Seasoned with Seaweed Salt
  • Dessert: Seasonal Dessert
  • Coffee or Tea
  • Message Plate (for Anniversary Pair Full-Course Meal only)

Elegant Time with the Luxury of a Guesthouse

In this Western-style restaurant on Awaji Island, visitors can enjoy an interior that is a faithful reproduction of a Meiji-era guesthouse, with antique furnishing that brilliantly illuminates the interior and first-class Western tableware recognized around the world.

It is rare to find a Western-style restaurant with antique furnishing and a luxurious atmosphere. You can spend an elegant moment with locally produced food. Please come and visit us.

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Address 70 Nojima-okawa, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1723
Tel 0799-70-9020
Operation Hours 11:00~15:00 (Last In 14:00, L.O. 14:00) 14:00~17:00 (Café time) 17:00~21:00 (Last In 19:30, L.O. 20:00) Closed: Thursdays
Website https://awaji-seikaiha.com/uminoya/
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