Recommended New Year’s Trip Destinations on Awaji Island

Awaji Island, located in the Seto Inland Sea, is known in legend as being Japan’s first-born island according to the Kojiki, Japan’s oldest surviving historical record. As we are about to bid farewell to the passing year and embrace the dawn of a new one, we present a thoughtfully curated list of recommended spots on Awaji Island to spend your New Year. Here, you can indulge in authentic Japanese cuisine, view the beautiful sunrise, witness breathtaking views, partake in morning yoga, and many more. Whether with family, friends, or a solo escape, Awaji Island offers diverse experiences to make your New Year’s trip truly memorable.

Discovering Inner Peace at Zenbo Seinei

Zenbo Seinei is a Zen retreat celebrated for its unique design and immersive activities centered around meditation and yoga. It provides an opportunity to fully embrace the Zen philosophy and engage in activities that foster inner peace, all set against the breathtaking natural beauty of Awaji Island.

From December 28 to January 5, Zenbo Seinei offers a range of limited events, including ZEN Wellness plans featuring early sunrise sessions and ZEN Tea Ceremony Plans that showcase delightful Japanese fermented sweets. Explore the possibility of enriching your New Year’s trip experience by discovering the serenity and mindfulness that Zenbo Seinei has to offer. Click here to learn more about visiting Zenbo Seinei during your New Year’s trip to Awaji Island.

Luxurious Glamping at GRAND CHARIOT Hokutoshichisei 135°

For a slower and more luxurious destination during your New Year’s trip, try glamping at GRAND CHARIOT Hokutoshichisei 135°. It is one of Awaji Island’s best accommodations that has previously won an award by Rakuten Travel. Perched atop a hill overlooking Awaji Island Park, this facility offers an unparalleled panorama of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, along with the picturesque sea and sky. You will also have the opportunity to try distinctive meals featuring renowned Awaji beef and locally sourced sea urchins.

Each glamping room at GRAND CHARIOT, designed in the form of a cocoon, is meticulously crafted to ensure a tranquil and revitalizing glamping experience. Skylights in the ceilings invite the gentle morning sun, creating a harmonious connection with nature to awaken guests most soothingly. If you seek a leisurely and serene New Year’s Eve, this is the perfect retreat. Revel in the final sunset of the year and embrace the first sunrise of the year at this exceptional facility during your New Year’s trip.

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Adress 2425-2 Kusumoto, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-2301
Located at Nijigen no Mori in Hyogo Prefecture Awajishima Park
Tel 0799-64-7090
Website https://awaji-grandchariot.com/
Reservations https://go-grandchariot.reservation.jp/en
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Awaji Yumebutai: Blooming Beauty and Sunrise Serenity on Awaji Island

Discover the stunning architecture of Awaji Yumebutai, designed by the renowned architect Tadao Ando. Situated on the east coast of Awaji Island, it provides a breathtaking view of the sunrise from the “Hyakudanen” flowerbeds, a series of 100-stepped terraces with various plants and flowers. This captivating fusion of nature and architecture, highlighting Ando’s talent in crafting both functional and inspiring spaces with concrete, forms a distinctive setting perfect for your trip. Click here to learn more about Yumebutai.

Visit The Scenic Cape Myojin

Nestled in Myojin, Awaji City, northwest of Awaji Island, Cape Myojin stands as a unique destination along the Sunset Line on the island’s west coast. It is home to Nishihama Daimyojin, a shrine with roots dating back to 888 AD, dedicated to the deities Izanagi and Izanami.

For those seeking a chance at a fresh start during the New Year’s Eve and New Year holidays, Cape Myojin is highly recommended. Celebrated as “the place where you can return to your unborn child” or “the place where you can be born again”, Cape Myojin invites you to unwind on a leisurely New Year’s trip. Take a leisure stroll and foster a sense of relaxation as you bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new.

Awaji Island-shaped Cave with a Spectacular View

Legend has it that this shrine (Aiga Iwado Shinryu Shrine) was once home to a small god and a solitary dragon, where the faithful dragon, patiently awaiting the god’s return, is enshrined as a symbol of unwavering trust. The cave houses a magnificent shrine illuminated by natural light streaming in from the side, creating an ambiance of solemnity and mystique.

As you navigate through the cave and turn to view the shrine, a captivating phenomenon emerges, the silhouette of the rock cave, set against the backdrop of Osaka Bay, perfectly mirrors the distinctive shape of Awaji Island. This extraordinary feature has turned the location into a popular spot, enticing worshippers to capture this enchanting sight in photographs before bidding farewell. If you seek a destination with a different and mystical vibe during your New Year’s trip, this is highly recommended.

Awaji Island West Coast Sunset Spectacle

Wrap up the year on a positive note by savoring one of Japan’s top 100 sunsets along Awaji Island’s west coast. Take a moment to reflect on cherished memories while enjoying a delightful meal at exceptional restaurants on West Coast Awaji Island, strategically positioned for an awe-inspiring sunset view.

Explore recommended dining establishments that showcase a diverse array of Awaji Island ingredients, offering you the opportunity to relish both exquisite cuisine and the island’s scenic beauty. If spending New Year’s Eve gazing at the last sunset while indulging in delicious food sourced from Awaji Island appeals to you, then this is the perfect choice.


Awaji Island is popular for its array of amazing destinations, making it the perfect choice for a New Year’s trip. Whether you are drawn to mystical spots, breathtaking views, or restaurants offering delectable cuisine, Awaji Island has it all. Don’t wait any longer, plan your New Year’s trip to Awaji Island and enjoy its diverse and captivating offerings.