4. 禅坊靖寧パース

    ZEN Wellness SEINEI

  5. クラフトサーカス外観


  6. 海神人の食卓

    Aman no Shokutaku

  7. 望楼青海波外観TOP

    Holistic Wellness Hotel – Boro Seikaiha…

  8. ドローン外観


  9. 淡路シェフガーデン

    Awaji Chef’s Garden

  10. オーベルジュフレンチの森プリンスエトワール外観

    Auberge “French Forest”

  11. SEIKAIHA – Koshu no Ya

  12. SEIKAIHA-Umi no Ya


Photo courtesy of Yumebutai

“Awaji Yumebutai” – The World of “Tadao Ando” Living with Nature

Unfortunately, the promotion of economic activity in the 1960s led to the trees in the northern part of Awaji Island to be cut down.
To counteract this, Tadao Ando set out to restore the destroyed nature. His creation, as we know now, is Awaji Yumebutai. Yumebutai is a space where one can peek into Ando’s artful worldview of people, nature, and architecture.

The 5 Must-Sees of Awaji Yumebutai

1)Building Design, courtesy of Tadao Ando

Incorporating concrete architecture and nature, Yumebutai can be enjoyed simply by exploring the building itself!
Be on the lookout for where curves turn to straight lines among the architecture, and  the grand scale of the building that skillfully connects the indoors and outdoors. This masterpiece encompasses the unique worldview and philosophy of legendary architect Tadao Ando.

2)Chapel”Capella Di Mare”

The main feature of the chapel is its roof with a cross-shaped slit.
The natural light through the slit falls into the chapel, which makes the space a sacred atmosphere.

3)100-Step Garden(Hyakudan-en Garden)



Photo courtesy of Yumebutai

Hyakuan-en as the name suggests, consists of 100 flower beds arranged in a staircase pattern. On a sunny day, you can see Osaka Bay shimmering in the backdrop of the garden, resulting in a magnificent view of greenery juxtaposed with Ando’s architecture and the sea.

4)Water Garden of Shells

Nearly 1 million scallop shells sit on the water’s surface, covering an area of about 10,000 square meters. Here, seashells set to be discarded are recycled and reused. Each shell is carefully sorted, washed, and packed by hand. Undiscovered works of art lay waiting to be found!

5)Awaji Greenhouse

The Awaji Greenhouse houses five exhibitions: “Green Sculpture,” “Garden of Color” “Essence of Green,” “Evolution Garden,” and “Garden of Prosperity”. Surround yourself in an abundance of beautiful flora from a variety of different viewpoints, all radiating rich, vivid colors.

【Other Facilities】 

1)Grand Nikko Awaji

Guests can enjoy the extending panorama of Akashi-Kaikyo National Government Park and Osaka Bay from their rooms.Chapel”Cappella Di Mare”is located on the second floor of the hotel.

2) Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center

A facility that can accommodate academic conferences, trainings, and community activities. The conference hall is surrounded by a scenery simply unattainable elsewhere, resulting in an unforgettable work experience.


Name Awaji Yumebutai
Address 2 Yumebutai, Awaji, Hyogo 656-2306
Tel TEL:0799-74-1000
Access Car – 15 minutes by Awaji Interchange
Oficial website https://www.yumebutai.co.jp/