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Recommended Dinner Spots on Awaji Island

Although Awaji Island has a strong image of hot springs and sea resorts, recently many people come to Awaji Island for a quick drive and dinner due to its easy accessibility from Kobe and Osaka. Awaji Island is said to be a treasure trove of food, and there are many delicious local delicacies. In this article, we will introduce some of the best spots for dinner on Awaji Island.

For Seafood Lovers


This is a seafood Japanese restaurant where you can taste freshly caught seafood from the Akashi Strait. All seats have an ocean view facing the Harimanada Sea. In addition to tempura and sushi, the restaurant’s popular Japanese side dishes are made from seasonal ingredients throughout the year.

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Name SEIKAIHA - Aonoya
Address 70 Nojima-okawa, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1723
Tel 0799-70-9020
Website https://awaji-seikaiha.com/aonoya/
Reservations https://www.tablecheck.com/en/shops/awaji-seikaiha/reserve
Operating Hours 11:00~15:00 (Last In 14:00, L.O. 14:00)
17:00~21:00 (Last In 19:30, L.O. 20:00)
Closed: Thursdays

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For Special Occasions, Birthdays and Anniversaries

Auberge French Forest

A popular hideaway French restaurant, Auberge French Forest, is an authentic French restaurant where each of the three restaurants has its unique concept and chef. The restaurant also offers an anniversary plan that includes flowers and a cake, making it the perfect dinner for a special occasion. Since it is an auberge, you can also stay in a room on the second floor. We recommend the pairing set of wines selected by the sommelier of each restaurant.

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Name Auberge “French Forest”
Address 2593-8 Kusumoto Aza Banaka, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-2301
TEL La Rose 0799-70-6062
Prince Etoile 0799-70-6061
Grand Baobab 0799-70-6063
Website https://frenchnomori.jp/
Reservations https://frenchnomori.jp/reservation/
Operation Hours Lunch – 11:30~15:30 (Last Entry: 13:00)
Dinner – 17:30~21:30 (Last Entry: 19:00)
Menu A Full-Course Lunch ¥7,000~/ A Full-Course Dinner ¥10,000~

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Ristorante Scuola

This restaurant offers creative Italian full-course meals featuring seasonal ingredients from Awaji Island. The meal is designed to be enjoyed one dish at a time with the chef’s ingenious presentation. A live piano performance by a professional musician is also available upon request, making it a good choice for an anniversary dinner. Enjoy a special dinner in the nostalgic interior of a renovated elementary school.

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Name Nojima Scuola
Adress 843 Nojimahikinoura, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1721
Website https://www.nojima-scuola.com/
Reservations 2F Ristorante Scuola
Tel 0799-82-1820
Operation Hours 1F Marché /Bakery: Weekdays 10:30~19:00
Sat., Sun., & Public Holidays 10:00~19:00

1F Café Scuola: Weekdays Lunch 11:00~14:00/ café 14:00~18:00
Sat., Sun., & Public Holidays breakfast 10:00~11:00
Lunch 11:00~15:00
Café 15:00~18:00

2F Ristorante Scuola: 11:30~15:30 (in by 14:00) / 18:00~21:30 (in by 19:30)

Outdoor Zoo: Weekdays 11:00~16:00
Sat., Sun. & Public Holidays 10:00~16:00 (13:00~14:00 animals in recess)

Closed: Wednesdays (Open on Public Holidays)

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Special Dinners with a Show

SEIKAIHA – Uminoya Musical Opera Night

Musical Opera Night is a dinner limited to every Friday night, where a highlight version of the musical is performed in the restaurant by professional musicians and artists. This is a dinner show unique to Uminoya that can be found nowhere else in Japan. The dinner show offers a Western-style full-course dinner reminiscent of a Western-style meal in the Meiji era in Japan. You will be moved by the power of the beautiful songs and performances that you can see up close. Please spend an unforgettable dinner time on Awaji Island.

Ocean Terrace Jazz Night

How about an Awaji beef steak at the ocean view restaurant while enjoying live jazz music on Saturday night? This popular restaurant offers excellent steaks with singing and live music in an open, resort-like atmosphere. The restaurant is also famous for its spectacular sunset views. The restaurant is spacious enough to accommodate groups. You can spend a relaxing time in a casual atmosphere.

A Japanese Restaurant That Will Delight Those from Overseas

Aman no Shokutaku – Utage

This pirate-themed Japanese izakaya is located in the middle of a mountain road along the Kuniumi Highway. The restaurant has an impressive interior with drums, lanterns, and several single-large trees as tables. The name of the restaurant is “Utage” (meaning “song” in Japanese), and you can enjoy a fun dinner with your friends at a large table.

Aman no Shokutaku – Sajiki

Sajiki, located on the second floor, is a fine dining restaurant featuring teppanyaki and sukiyaki. A perfect place to entertain important guests with the teppanyaki full-course meal using the famous Awaji beef or the sukiyaki full-course meal using Awaji beef is popular. Full-course meals are perfect when you want to talk leisurely. Enjoy a dinner where you can relax and talk in the quiet nature of Awaji Island. We also have a wide selection of fine whiskey, aged sake, and wine to match our dishes.

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Name Aman no Shokutaku
1F Utage
2F Sajiki
Address 1042 Nojima-Tokiwa, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1726
Tel "Utage” 0799-70-9089
“Sajiki” 0799-70-9090
Operation Hours “Utage”: Weekdays 11:00~21:00 (L.O. 20:00) / Sat., Sun. & Holidays 10:30~21:00 (L.O. 20:00)
“Sajiki” 11:00~15:00 / 17:00~21:00 (L.O.19:30) Closed: Tuesdays
Website https://amannoshokutaku.jp/
Reservations: Utage https://www.tablecheck.com/en/shops/aman-utage/reserve
Reservations: Sajiki https://www.tablecheck.com/en/shops/aman-sajiki/reserve

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