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Big Thrills at Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park

Have you heard about the anime theme park called Nijigen no Mori on Awaji Island? Located within this unique park is Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park, an exhilarating athletic area fun for both adults and kids. Let me take you through my experience in the athletic area, and the exciting challenges I encountered.

The Toughest Course at Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park

Preparation for the Course

shin-chan adventure

My journey in Nijigen no Mori started at the Crayon Shin-chan Athletic Area, named the “Appare! Sengoku Daibouken!” At first, I thought this attraction was mainly for kids with simple tasks, but I quickly realized I was mistaken. The vast area and towering structures took me by surprise. It looked like a military training ground!

The knowledgeable staff gave tips about the diverse courses for different age groups. From the children’s course to the formidable Samurai General Course, each presents unique challenges. The Samurai General Course is the most difficult, with tasks including navigating precarious bridges and balancing on narrow paths 8 meters aboveground. The Samurai General Course has a minimum height and weight requirement of 120cm and 25kg. I chose this challenging course and discovered firsthand that it was far more daunting than I had expected.

Heart Pounding Thrills

shin-chan adventure 2

I started to get excited when I received a helmet and other equipment gear at the reception desk. As I geared up, the staff kindly informed me I was free to quit anytime if it became too overwhelming. At that moment, I realized: “Hold on, this is more serious than I initially imagined. I thought this was meant to be childish fun, not an adrenaline-pumping thrill course!”

The intensity of the experience was bewildering, especially when I dared to glance downward. The realization of the height added an unexpected layer of vertigo, making the entire adventure more intense than I had imagined.

One memorable segment involved navigating a very narrow bridge, a task I attempted with my gaze fixed straight ahead to avoid looking down. Surprisingly, I successfully crossed it, only to face an even more challenging obstacle on the other side. This time, I needed to cross using square-shaped, shaky wooden platforms. With my less-than-perfect sense of balance, I found myself teetering on the edge several times.

shin-chan adventure 3

The next challenge, thankfully, was a bit more manageable, involving a net to reach the other side. Yet, the roughly 30 to 60 minute series of obstacles and challenges continued to test my limits. Simultaneously scary and exciting, the entire experience proved both memorable and exhilarating.

Exciting Zip Line at Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park

One of the other thrilling attractions at Nijigen no Mori is the “Challenge! Action Mask Squadron!” – a zipline adventure featuring two exhilarating ziplines, measuring 225 meters and 140 meters in length. Wearing the iconic Action Mask helmet, you glide through the air like the legendary Action Mask themselves.

At the reception desk, anticipation builds as I eagerly put on the Action Mask helmet and secure the equipment gear, ready for the thrills to begin. The zipline experience unfolds as a joyous ride, but the true excitement lies in the awe-inspiring views of the surrounding Nijigen no Mori scenery while gracefully soaring through the air. This adventure is a fitting, memorable finale, closing the amazing chapter of my adventure in Nijigen no Mori on a high note.

A Relaxing Break After the Suspenseful Adventure

ニジゲンノモリ しんちゃん

After the intense escapades at Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park, I sought refuge in Nonbiri Nohara, another place for the iconic character, Crayon Shin-chan. Here, within this serene atmosphere, I indulged in some well-deserved rest. In this peaceful spot, I explored the unique little museum showcasing items from Shin-chan anime and manga. Click here for a deeper dive into my experience at Nonbiri Nohara.

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Before visiting Nijigen no Mori, I was aware of the presence of an athletic area, but little did I anticipate the sheer thrill and challenge it would offer. The unforgettable experience surpassed all expectations and was super fun.  Nijigen no Mori, as a whole, is an incredible destination, with the Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park area a must-visit attraction. If you have any doubts about the thrill factor, I wholeheartedly encourage you to experience it for yourself. The combination of excitement, challenge, and the unique atmosphere of the park makes it a truly exceptional place.