VIE CHOCOLAT’s New Collaboration Menu “Black Sesame Vegan Chocolate”

Kintetsu Department Store × Kurikoma Chaya presents a unique creation: Black Sesame Vegan Chocolate

Black Sesame Vegan Chocolate not only embodies the tastiness of black sesame, a popular ingredient in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture but also offers a healthy and delicious treat, free from sugar and milk. By incorporating the rfamous “black sesame paste” from Kurikoma Chaya and partnering with the popular vegan chocolate shop VIE CHOCOLAT, the vegan chocolate brings a distinctive and delicious flavor. The collaboration ensures a carefully crafted manufacturing process and formula, resulting in a truly satisfying taste in every piece.


VIE CHOCOLAT is a popular chocolate shop renowned for its diverse range of vegan chocolate creations. The store features a charming entrance, ideal for capturing Instagram-able photos. Its miniature door, designed at a child’s height, provides an adorable backdrop for snapshots. The packaging design is equally delightful and cute. The name “VIE CHOCOLAT” cleverly combines “VIE”, the French word for life and vitality, with “Chocolat”, encapsulating the essence of health, beauty, and deliciousness embodied by their vegan chocolate offerings. ‘Vegan’ of course, also begins with the letter ‘V’.

About Kurikoma Chaya

The café is housed in an 80-year-old kominka (traditional Japanese house) with a rich history. Initially serving as a ryokan for travelers to Sukawa Kogen hot springs, the building has been meticulously renovated as KURIKOMA CHAYA Kominka Stay & Café. The first-floor café specializes in kakigori (shaved ice), offering a menu featuring seasonal and distinctive flavors crafted from locally sourced ingredients.

Black Sesame Vegan Chocolate


The “Black Sesame Vegan Chocolate” will be sold in the “Valentine Chocolates Collection 2024” event at Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Department Store in Osaka City. This health-conscious product offers a delicate texture that gently melts, unveiling a rich black sesame flavor. Developed in collaboration with the chocolate specialty store VIE CHOCOLAT on Awaji Island, the product uses soy milk and almond milk as substitutes for traditional milk and cream.

Where: Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store, 9th floor
When: until February 14

While the “Black Sesame Vegan Chocolate” is exclusively available during the event in Osaka, you can explore a variety of other delectable offerings from VIE CHOCOLAT at their chocolate shop in Awaji. Click here for more information about VIE CHOCOLAT.