Beautiful and Healthy Awaji Island Sightseeing Spots for Winter Vacation

During winter vacation, many places tend to get crowded, and some may find it tiring to deal with the crowds. For those looking for a less hectic location, Awaji Island is the best place to go!

In particular, the west coast area of Awaji Island has seen development, featuring trendy spots and restaurants offering delicious cuisine. Winter on Awaji Island has its own charms, so we hope you can enjoy Awaji Island sightseeing based on this article.

Farmer’s Restaurant Haru San San

When winter comes around, there are many occasions for overeating, such as Christmas parties, year-end parties, New Year’s parties, and osechi feasts. During such times, it’s good to reset your body by consuming plenty of fresh vegetables from Awaji Island.

Haru San San offers dishes using a variety of fresh vegetables sourced from their own farm and local farmers on Awaji Island. The concept is centered around making vegetables the main focus, with each vegetable’s unique characteristics highlighted in the cooking process, allowing you to savor the natural deliciousness of the vegetables.

Additionally, the cafe time is highly recommended, offering sweets made with seasonal fruits and vegetables. The warm ambiance of the interior and the view of the expansive nature outside provide a rich and soothing experience, allowing you to spend a fulfilling time.

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Name Farmer’s Restaurant – Haru San San
Address 1510-4 Nojima-tokiwa Aza Genpachi, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1726
Tel 0799-70-9082
Operation Hours 11:00-18:00(L.O.17:00)
Closed Wednesdays
Website https://www.awaji-nlr.com/harusansan
Reservations https://www.tablecheck.com/en/shops/noukarestaurant-haru-sansan/reserve

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Ladybird Road

Ladybird Road is a seaside mall located along the west coast of Awaji Island. It features exquisite gourmet foods using Awaji Island ingredients, a chocolate shop selling vegan chocolates, a flea market gathering various goods from around the world, and a market offering perfect souvenirs such as Awaji Island vegetables and processed products.

During the day, you can enjoy an European-like townscape, and in the evening, the illumination lights up, creating a sparkling atmosphere. If you ever find yourself undecided on where to go during your visit to Awaji Island, consider giving Ladybird Road a try.

It is also the lottery venue for the Winter Grand Lottery, which is being held until the end of January, so please stop by. This is your chance to win luxurious prizes! (Please note that the information on the Winter Grand Lottery is only in Japanese.)

Name Ladybird Road
Address 95-2, Nojima Todoroki, Awaji Shi, Hyogo Ken, 656-1722
Parking lot 86 cars *Temporary parking is available nearby.
Operation Hours Varies from store to store.
Tel 0799-64-7530

Awaji Hanasajiki

Awaji Island boasts flowers in full bloom throughout the seasons, and several flower fields have become popular spots. With good accessibility to facilities on the west coast of Awaji Island, one highly recommended spot is Awaji Hanasajiki. Located on the northern mountain side of Awaji Island, Awaji Hanasajiki allows you to take photos overlooking the sea from the top of the hill.

During the winter season, colorful stocks bloom, offering a beautiful winter landscape. This spot is also pet-friendly, so if you are planning a trip with your four-legged family member, please be sure to stop by.


Awaji Island is a well-kept secret place for the winter season. For those planning to visit Awaji Island, we hope you can refer to this article and enjoy the winter charm of Awaji Island.