Where you can experience all seasonal flowers of Awajishima.Awaji Hanasajiki is a famous free sightseeing spot on Awaji island, which consists of a flower field spread over a vast plateau. It is the prefectural park to visit, hosting seasonal flowers that represents Awaji island.
Here, you can visit year-round for free, making it easy to observe the remarkable changes in the seasonal flowers throughout the year.Create unforgettable memories here with your family or friends, including your canine companion!

Hanasajiki Park: 3 Spots You Can’t Miss!

1)The Flower Fields


Photo: Hyogo Prefectural Park Hanasajiki

Here lies a flower field where all seasonal flowers bloom! In fact, Awaji Hanasajiki is about four times larger than the famous Hanshin Koshien Stadium! This park has several themes including a “healing garden”, a “symbiotic flower garden”, and “Fureai Flower Garden”. With the variety of scenery with various themes, it’ll never get old strolling along the flower fields. In fact, the flowers that bloom change depending on the season, so it will always be a new experience no matter how many times you visit!



Photo: Hyogo Prefectural Park Hanasajiki

“Earthwork” is an area hosting a colossal 5000 square meter geoglyph! The amazing scenery drawn in the grass field is wildly popular among those who visit
3)Observational Deck

A scenic spot within the park accessible at no additional cost, the Observational Deck boasts a fantastic view that includes the Akashi and Kitan Straits and the Osaka Bay. Here, you can take in both the lush greenery and the beautiful blue waters all encapsulated under the endless blue sky.

Must-try Gourmet Spots around Hanasajiki!

After enjoying the sights of Hanasajiki, here are three popular lunch spots to help you refuel!


A café restaurant surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Hanasajiki. They offer Danish open sandwiches and organic teas.  Make the most of your lunch whilst admiring the finest scenery that Awaji Island has to offer.

2)Farmers Restaurant “Haru San-San

Haru San-San is a café-restaurant offering dishes using plenty of seasonal ingredients from Awaji Island. Try the “Daichi Salad”, containing vegetables harvested the same morning, or “Yama no Megumi Stew”, “field omelet”, or gratin, all made from seasonal Awaji Island vegetables.
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3)Auberge French Forest

Auberge is a collection of three different restaurant that doubles as a lodging facility on Awaji Island: “Prince Etoile”, “Grand Baobab” and “La Rose”. Each restaurant follows their own unique theme, and offers authentic French cuisine, using only freshly produced, locally sourced ingredients.
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Hyogo Prefectural Park: Awaji Hanasajiki

Address:656-2302 Hyogo Prefecture, Awaji City, Kusumoto
Access:Car (Awaji IC) -Go straight from the exit and head south along Prefectural Road 157 for about 12 minutes (7km)
Official web Site https://www.hyogo-park.or.jp/hanasajiki/