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Zen Cuisine, Cleansing Inside Your Body

Zen Cuisine: Healthy and Tasty, One of the Highlights at the Zen Retreat, Zenbo Seinei

Zenbo Seinei, located on Awaji Island along the 135th meridian east, where mystical energy permeates the atmosphere, offers a sanctuary for rejuvenation amidst the island’s expansive natural beauty. Immerse yourself in a Zen wellness program designed to refresh your body and mind. Culminating this experience is the Zen Cuisine, an exclusive menu crafted by Zenbo Seinei to purify the body. Free from oil, dairy, flour, and animal products, this culinary offering complements the holistic approach to wellness embraced by Zenbo Seinei.

Regarding seasonings, Zen Cuisine obtains miso, soy sauce, and mirin, which are fermented for one to three years continuously, directly from the brewery. This type of seasoning is expensive and not available in regular markets. The menu is presented on a tray and you can sit anywhere you like to enjoy it.

Yamano Megumi Chirashi-zushi (vinegared rice with assorted vegetables from the mountains)

This Zen Cuisine uses amazake (sweet sake) made from black rice, instead of sugar, in addition to red vinegar. Half of this sushi is made with rice and another half with konjac (an underground plant that mainly grows in Asia. It has a lot of fibers).

Yamakake Konjac Soba (Grated yam on noodles made with konjac)

Porcini was marinated in a soup stock made with kombu to add a rich taste to the soup stock. A soup stock is a very important base of Japanese cuisine and great attention is paid to how it is made.

Skewed Tofu

A starchy sauce created with a soup stock that was made with mushroom and dried maitake mushroom in addition to kombu is poured over tofu.

Stewed Vegetables

The Zen Cuisine is pre-cooked in a various way that best fits its characteristics and lastly seasoned together with a kombu soup stock.

Zenbo Original Amazake (Sweet Sake)

Amazake made by Zenbo should be enjoyed at the end of the meal to help your digestion. With the addition of kiwi, it is delectable.

Japanese Sweets

Sweets that use seasonal ingredients, matching with events/festivals specific for a month are served to symbolize that month and season.

Zen Tea Ceremony

Zenbo Seinei Wellness program includes a tea ceremony. You are welcome to make your matcha green tea and savor it with a Japanese sweet. This is to bring mindfulness to you. If you are a first-timer for a tea ceremony, our staff will be happy to teach you.

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Name Zenbo Seinei
Address 2594-5 Aza-Banaka, Kusumoto, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-2301
Tel 0799-70-9087
Website https://www.zenbo-seinei.com/en/
Program Reservations https://zenbo-seinei.urkt.in/direct/offices/587/courses
Hotel Reservation https://rsv.temanasi.jp/29/room/search
Operation Hours Mon: 9:00 am~5:00 pm / Tues~Sun: 11:00 am~6:30 pm
Closed: Varies depending on a month. Please inquire.

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