“TRATTORIA piano west coast”, an Italian Restaurant at the Ladybird Road Mall on Awaji Island

Ladybird Road, a newly opened resort complex on the west coast of Awaji Island, has attracted a variety of specialty stores and has already become a hot topic of conversation since its opening during the Golden Week holiday season in 2023.
Among them, “TRATTORIA piano,” which is popular for its Italian cuisine using abundant ingredients grown in Nara Prefecture, has opened a branch on Ladybird Road as “TRATTORIA piano west coast,” so I went there immediately.
I hope you will enjoy the Italian cuisine made with the finest ingredients in a comfortable space with a view of the sea on the west coast of Awaji Island through the open kitchen.

Popular Italian Restaurant from Nara Prefecture Comes to Awaji Island

Ladybird Road is an eye-catching complex with an exterior designed to resemble a European townscape. “TRATTORIA piano west coast” offers Italian cuisine that is a collaboration of ingredients from Nara Prefecture and Awaji Island.
Loving local cuisine, it places importance on the local ingredients of both Nara Prefecture and Awaji Island, allowing diners to taste the unique flavor and texture of the ingredients.

Located on the second floor of the seaside wing of Ladybird Road, TRATTORIA piano west coast is marked by this sign, and you can enter the restaurant by taking the elevator right at the entrance to the second floor.

TRATTORIA piano west coast, an Open and Comfortable Space

TRATTORIA piano west coast has an expansive interior with a spectacular view of Harimanada from the counter seats and a view of the mountains of Awaji Island from the windows on the opposite side. I got the impression that this restaurant is perfect for dates and anniversaries.

A Full-Course Meal Featuring a Collaboration of Ingredients From Nara and Awaji Island

The pasta full-course meal “Yamato” (¥3,300 ) includes an assortment of appetizers, a choice out of two types of pasta, and dolce; the full-course “Nojima” (¥4,600 ) includes soup and a main dish (fish or meat) in addition to “Yamato”; and the special full-course “Piano” (¥6,600 ) is based on the concept of “eating up the ingredients of Nara Prefecture and Awaji Island” and includes both meat and fish dish from “Nojima”.
For drinks, in addition to various soft drinks, Awaji beer, highballs, and red and white wines are available.

16 Assorted Appetizers

This “16 Appetizer Platter” is included in all full-course meals. The chef gave us a detailed explanation of all the appetizers. You can feel the chef’s attention to detail as you learn that each one is made with carefully selected ingredients and elaborate cooking methods.

Although everything was delicious, I was particularly impressed with the following appetizers.

  • Roasted duck: The duck is coated with Nara pickles bran and roasted. The sauce made from the duck and Nara pickles puree is a perfect match.
  • Torta Salata (Italian Quiche): They use fresh onions and homemade pancetta. You can enjoy the deep sweetness of the fresh onions and the texture of the pancetta.
  • Saba (Mackerel) Escabeche (Marinated fried fish): It was seasoned with a harmony of sweet and sour flavors that brought out the flavor of the mackerel very well.

Awaji Island Fresh Onion Soup with Soft-Boiled Egg

This is a potage using fresh onions from Awaji Island, available in the “Nojima” and “Piano” full-course meals. The seasoning is very simple, using only salt, but the sweetness and flavor of the fresh onions from Awaji Island were brought out to the maximum.

Tagliatelle of Yamato Pork and Vegetable Ragout with Tomato Sauce from Nara Prefecture

This pasta dish uses Yamato pork, a brand of pork produced in Nara Prefecture. Yamato pork cooked to a tender texture melts in the mouth and intertwines well with tagliatelle noodles. The ragout sauce was a perfect match, and the taste made us want to come back for the same dish.

Awaji Island Hamo and Rape Flower Aglio Aurio with Sansho Oil Tagliolini

This is an ario aurio made with hamo (pike conger eel), a representative seafood of Awaji Island. The bitter taste of rape flowers and the flavor of the sansho (Japanese pepper) oil match each other to create a cool and refreshing pasta. While the simple seasoning brought out the flavor of the seafood, the tangy spiciness of the sansho pepper was a delicious aftertaste.

Today’s Dolce

Today’s dolce was gateau chocolat. The sweet gateau chocolat and whipped cream went well together and was perfect with the coffee.


TRATTORIA piano west coast offers Italian cuisine prepared with ingredients from Nara Prefecture and Awaji Island.
Please enjoy the Italian cuisine in an open space, carefully prepared by our chef who loves local cuisine.

Name Ladybird Road
Address 95-2, Nojima Todoroki, Awaji Shi, Hyogo Ken, 656-1722
Parking lot 86 cars *Temporary parking is available nearby.
Operation Hours Varies from store to store.
Tel 0799-64-7530