The Easy Way to Reach Japan’s Island Paradise

Catch the direct “Resort Bus” from Kobe to Awaji Island!

Awaji Island is a top tourist destination in Japan, known for its cultural riches, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you seek anime adventure, Zen tranquility, or seaside dining, Awaji Island has it all.

Yet, despite its charm, many are uncertain about how to reach this island, assuming access is difficult. Contrary to popular belief, traveling to Awaji Island is now super convenient, thanks to the introduction of the Kita-Awaji Nishi Kaigan Bus that connects Awaji Island directly with the Kobe area.

Read on for details of the bus service and get in the know for one of Japan’s best kept secrets.

What is the Kita-Awaji Nishi-Kaigan Line (Shinki Bus)?

Kobe (Sannomiya) & Maiko → Nijigen no Mori/Zenbo Seinei/HELLO KITTY SMILE/HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX/etc.

The Kita-Awaji Nishi-Kaigan Line bus service streamlines access to Awaji Island, and visits the most popular places along the island’s amazing West Coast, including the anime theme park Nijigen no Mori, the serene Zen meditation spot Zenbo Seinei, seaside eateries like Miele and Craft Circus, as well as the beloved HELLO KITTY facilities, and many more!

Directly From Kobe to Awaji Island!

Sannomiya is the bustling transportation hub of Kobe City, offering numerous bus and train connections. The Kita-Awaji Nishi-Kaigan Line to Awaji Island leaves the “Shinki Bus Kobe Sannomiya Bus Terminal.” Please be aware that this is not the “Mint Kobe Bus Terminal.” The 2 bus terminals are a roughly 2-minute walk from each other. Please refer to the map above to locate the terminal.

You can also reach Awaji Island from Maiko

Kousoku Maiko Station also serves as an important transportation hub, and a common transfer point for travelers heading to Awaji Island. The Kita-Awaji Nishi-Kaigan Line (Shinki Bus), can also be boarded here.

Understanding Where to Stop (Kita-Awaji Nishi-Kaigan Line)

From either Sannomiya or Maiko, there are 4 primary bus stops serving Awaji Island’s popular destinations. The choice of where to go depends on your desired destination on the island.

Bus StopsTourist Destinations
Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Island ParkNijigen no Mori & Grand Chariot
Zenbo Seinei MaeZenbo Seinei
Nojima Ookawa (SEIKAIHA Mae)HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX, SEIKAIHA, CRAFT CIRCUS, Chef’s Garden & Ladybird Road
Nojima Ooishi (Miele Mae)HELLO KITTY SMILE, Nojima Scuola, miele, miele the garden, Ocean terrace

If you are not sure where to go, read this page to learn more about each destination on the West Coast of Awaji Island.

Kita-AwajiNshi-Kaigan Line (Shinki Bus) Schedule

Kobe to Awaji Island

Bus Stop
Shinki Bus Kobe Sannomiya Bus Terminal
Kousoku Maiko
Iwaya Port Terminal
Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Island Park
Zenbo Seinei Mae
Nojima Ookawa (SEIKAIHA Mae)
Nojima Ooishi (Miele Mae)
Hokudan Shinsai Kinen Kouen Shita
Awaji Koukou Mae
Hokudan IC

Awaji Island to Kobe

Bus Stop
Hokudan IC8:019:4811:0312:0813:3315:5316:5518:0520:0121:41
Awaji Koukou Mae8:099:5811:1312:1813:4316:0317:0518:1520:0821:48
Hokudan Shinsai Kinen Kouen Shita8:1210:0211:1712:2213:4716:0717:0918:1920:1021:50
Nojima Ooishi (Miele Mae)8:1510:0511:2012:2513:5016:1017:1218:2220:1321:53
Nojima Ookawa (SEIKAIHA Mae)10:0911:2412:2913:5416:1417:1618:2620:1721:57
Zenbo Seinei Mae9:3211:3114:0116:2117:2318:3320:2322:03
Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Island Park9:3411:3814:0816:2817:2818:4020:3122:11
Iwaya Port Terminal 10:2512:45
Kousoku Maiko8:4010:4111:5213:0114:2216:4217:4218:5420:4622:26
Shinki Bus Kobe Sannomiya Bus Terminal12:2213:3117:1219:24

As shown in the bus timetable above, at certain times the bus may skip certain stops. Please be sure to verify your intended destination and review the timetable accordingly.

*The schedule may change, so for the latest information, check the official website.

Free Shuttle Bus Going Around Awaji Island  

Access within Awaji Island itself is just as convenient, particularly for destinations on the West Coast, thanks to a complimentary shuttle bus service that links various facilities. Click here to find out more!

Look for buses with this design for the free shuttle buses.