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Shigeru Ban is the one of most famous Architect in Japan.

「Zenbo Seinei」 made on Awaji Island was posted as a unique facility where you can experience 「Zen」.
Shigeru Ban Architect
Born in Tokyo, Shigeru Ban established Shigeru Ban Architects in 1985, and in 1995 founded the Voluntary Architects Network (VAN), a disaster relief organization. He is best known for his work in disaster recovery housing using recycled materials such as paper tubes.

His major works include the Oita Prefectural Art Museum, the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre in Shizuoka, and La Seine Musicale. He has received numerous awards including the Pritzker Architecture Prize (2014), l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (2014), the Mother Teresa Memorial Awards for Social Justice (2017) and the Medal of Honor, Japan (Purple Ribbon) (2017). He is also a professor in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University.