The Onion Tasting Fair Has Started on Awaji Island @ miele the DINER !

onion tasting fair miele the DINER

Did you know that Awaji Island is famous for its onions? Praised for their delightful sweetness and tender texture, Awaji onions are a beloved local specialty. The onion season has begun, and to celebrate, miele the DINER on Awaji Island will be hosting an onion tasting event showcasing new onions from Awaji Island, fresh and in season.

Until May 6th (Monday), miele the DINER on the 1st floor will offer a limited-time onion tasting fair featuring onions from Awaji Island as well as other production areas.

Curious to find out if the high reputation of Awaji onions is true? Don’t miss this opportunity to fully savor the unique charm of Awaji Island onions.

onion tasting fair miele the DINER

New onions from Awaji Island and other regions are available in the following ways:
・Fresh onion slices
・Roasted onions

Furthermore, the popular salad bar is complimentary with all meal menus (desserts and drinks excluded). Featuring a diverse array of fresh vegetables, including the popular Awaji Island onions, this salad bar offers an exhilarating experience for children and adults alike.

Try over 20 varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits, accompanied by our chef’s homemade dressings at this awesome salad bar. Be sure to join the onion tasting fair and the celebrated salad bar to rediscover the allure of onions cultivated on Awaji Island.

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