Healthy “Obanzai” is Recommended for Lunch on Awaji Island

Enjoy Seasonal Delicacies by Day at “Kyo-Banzai” on Ladybird Road

Obanzai is a style of cuisine native to Kyoto. It has started as a home cooking style, using a lot of seasonal vegetables, beans, seafood and sometimes meat, as a daily food for family members. The “Kyo-Banzai Gozen” at” Kyo-Banzai”, an obanzai specialty restaurant, comes with rice and miso soup along with seven kinds of homemade special small dishes (obanzai). Unlimited refills of rice and miso soup make this a hearty meal sure to satisfy any appetite. The assortment of dishes carefully prepared in small bowls are exquisite.

The menu offers a selection of fresh seafood, locally sourced Awaji Island vegetables, meat, and seasonal ingredients delicately seasoned to enhance their natural flavors, promoting a sense of well-being with each bite. The meal is categorized into pine, bamboo, and plum sets based on the number of small potted dishes. The following is the Ume Set, allowing you to select two dishes from the menu.

When you allow the fire to burn out and let what’s in the pot steam for a moment, the table-finished tofu presents itself with a soft appearance and a delicate flavor. It’s freshly prepared tofu, offering a gentle taste sensation.

The Kyoto-style white miso soup is rich with various ingredients, ensuring it’s satisfyingly filling. Packed with freshly harvested vegetables, it has a subtle sweetness and even makes you feel relaxed.

A small bowl in the set that we liked is below:

Deep-fried Shrimp-shaped Taro with Chrysanthemum Vegetable and Starchy Red Bean Paste

The ebiimo, shrimp-shaped taro, (literally shrimp potato) is served hot and fluffy, complemented by the delicious dashi broth enriched with red bean paste.
Try the healthy lunch at Kyo-Banzai, where you can enjoy a complete meal of traditional Japanese small dishes.

Ladybird Road where Kyo-Banzai is located is a seaside mall, housing a variety of restaurants, a vegan chocolate store, a shop offering goods around the world, and a marché selling freshly picked vegetables and processed goods. The mall is reminiscent of Europe, consisting of colorful buildings with a Mediterranean Flair. The great feature of this complex is that you can have a beautiful ocean view while dining. As the name suggests, you can also find cute ladybird (ladybug) designs on the wall of the buildings.

Name Ladybird Road
Address 95-2, Nojima Todoroki, Awaji Shi, Hyogo Ken, 656-1722
Parking lot 44 cars (500 yen/day)
Operation Hours Varies from store to store.
Tel 0799-64-7530