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Fun-Filled HELLO KITTY SMILE’s Projection Mapping

Hello Kitty is a princess at the Palace of Dragon Princess at HELLO KITTY SMILE, the very popular media restaurant on Awaji Island. How can you enjoy the projection mapping that recreates the world of “the Palace of the Dragon Princess” at HELLO KITTY SMILE? This article will help you enjoy the facility more.

The Palace of the Dragon Princess (1) UNDER THE SEA

As you enter the entrance, colorful fish ascend a waterfall and swim dynamically. Behind them is a mermaid set with a neon Hello Kitty, where you can take a photo. There is also a mermaid Hello Kitty spotlight, which can be enjoyed not only for viewing, but also as a photo-op spot.

The Palace of the Dragon Princess (2) CAVE

On the way to the Palace, Hello Kitty (Princess) and Daniel (fisherman named Urashima Taro) are riding in an original wrapping car in the ocean. If you approach the rocks in the CAVE, you can find an audio area that echoes voices and Princess Hello Kitty is hidden in various places. You can also try to find Hello Kitty.
“Urashima Taro” is a Japanese folk tale about a fisherman who rescued a turtle meets the princess at the Dragon Palace beneath the sea.

Otohime Ryugujyo (3) PALACE ENTRANCE

We have finally arrived at the entrance to the Otohime Ryugujo. While heading to the Otohime Ryugujo, a collapsing bridge appears. Please try to cross the bridge that is about to collapse and enter the Ryugu-jo (Dragon’s Palace). Around the bridge are cute Hello Kitty objet d’art and a popular photo spot filled with Hello Kitty stuffed animals. Stop by before crossing the bridge.

The Palace of the Dragon Princess (4) PALACE THEATER

At the end of the bridge, you will find the Palace. As you walk up the stairs, you will be treated to a party in the world of the Palace beneath the sea. While enjoying the powerful projection mapping, you can dance to the rhythm with Hello Kitty, the princess, and enjoy cruising in the sea with Hello Kitty on a sea turtle.

The Palace of the Dragon Princess (5) MIRROR MAZE

As you go deeper into the Palace , you will come to a maze of mirrors. Behind the mirrors are many pathways. Here you can also enjoy HELLO KITTY SMILE’s original silhouette quiz. Various Hello Kitties are displayed, so please find your favorite design and take a picture of it.

The Palace of Dragon Princess ⑥ TIME AFTER PARTY

After passing through the maze, you will find yourself on the ocean floor filled with coral and fish. There, you will find twinkling stars, which you can touch and enjoy playing the Ghost Leg lottery game. When you hit the jackpot…. Something good may happen. Please try as many times as you like.

The Palace of the Dragon Princess (7) HELLO KITTY’S ROOM

The goal is to reach the Hello Kitty’s room. Depending on the time, Hello Kitty, the princess, will visit your room and take a picture with you. Hello Kitty is dressed in a costume that can only be seen at HELLO KITTY SMILE, so be sure to meet Hello Kitty, the princess, when you come to HELLO KITTY SMILE.

HELLO KITTY SMILE is full of fun!

In this article, we have introduced the projection mapping at the Palace of the Dragon Princess. In addition, there are many other attractions such as places where you can enjoy mascot scooping and unglazed pottery painting, stores selling original products and Sanrio goods that can only be purchased here, and restaurants where you can enjoy authentic cuisine using plenty of ingredients from Awaji Island. Why not take your children on a trip to HELLO KITTY SMILE on Awaji Island?

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