The Art of Scrolls in Awaji’s Naruto Park

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The thrilling ninja adventures in the world famous anime / manga series Naruto, has captivated countless imaginations. Fans are no strangers to the use of scrolls in the story, particularly the Heaven and Earth scrolls vital for the “Chunin Exams”. Care to experience the power of these magical tomes yourself? Awaji Island invites you to enter the realm of the ninja in a wealth of attractions and challenges at Nijigen no Mori park.

Heaven and Earth Scrolls in Naruto

The Heaven Scrolls (Ten no Maki/天の巻) and Earth Scrolls (Chi no Maki /地の巻) are crucial components of the Chunin Exams. Both scrolls in Naruto represent the challenges faced by the participating teams. During the second phase of the Chunin Exams, the teams are divided into 2 groups: one assigned the Heaven Scroll and the other the Earth Scroll. Each team must find the opposing team and acquire their scroll. The possession of both Heaven and Earth scrolls signals the completion of the mission and advancement to the next phase of the exam.

The Heaven and Earth scrolls themselves contain various techniques. Some are offensive (Heaven) and others defensive (Earth), highlighting the diversity of abilities and tactics ninja teams need to master to progress through the exam stages. Teams must strategize, overcome obstacles, and engage in battles or negotiations to obtain the opposing team’s scroll while protecting their own. This challenge tests not only combat abilities but also teamwork, intelligence, and decision-making skills.

In addition to these two, other scrolls in Naruto include a variety of jutsu (ninja technique) scrolls, containing a wide array of ninja techniques, summoning scrolls to call various creatures, and even sealing scrolls used for containment or special purposes.

Follow the Scrolls on a Ninja Adventure

NARUTO & BORUTO SHINOBI-ZATO in Nijigen no Mori park, presents a fantastic opportunity to delve into a world of Naruto-related attractions. Leap into a wide range of activities, from honing inner-ninja skills through a host of challenges, to mastering the famous Naruto “hand seals”. Afterwards, take a break at Ichiraku Ramen, the popular ramen shop brought to life from the series.

1. Heaven Scrolls (Ten no Maki/天の巻)

First up on our roster of attractions at NARUTO & BORUTO SHINOBI-ZATO is the Heaven Scrolls. Carry this symbolic scroll into a maze to collect stamps of many famous Naruto characters. Follow the guidance from the scroll to find your way through the labyrinth and collect all the stamps.

After getting them all, you need to perform a combination of hand seals as shown in the scroll to unlock the door to escape. A fun, challenging attraction for ninjas of all ages.

2. Earth Scrolls (Chi no Maki /地の巻)

Equally important, the Earth Scroll sets the stage for another phase of NARUTO & BORUTO SHINOBI-ZATO. In this storyline, a chakra seal has been tampered with, so participants, entrusted as ninjas of Konohagakure, embark on a classified mission to address the 7 tasks inscribed on the Earth Scroll and thus restore the chakra seal.

This journey is filled with quizzes and puzzles designed to test everyone’s problem-solving skills. Throughout the adventure, figures like Akatsuki, and trials such as “Senjutsu Training,” add layer upon layer of excitement and difficulty.

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Going deeper into the mission, the chakra is successfully sealed, and participants advance toward the final destination. A spectacular animation appears, showing the chakra resealed into the scroll, a mesmerizing climax signifying completion and success.

For fans hungry for even deeper engagement with the Naruto scrolls, the Earth Scrolls Gaiden is one step beyond. In this alternate experience, collaborate with Hidden Leaf ninjas to investigate the incident that disrupted the chakra seal at the onset of the Earth Scroll adventure. Unravel the mystery and identify the culprit to complete this special mission.

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The revered heaven and earth scrolls hold significant importance in the Naruto narrative. At Nijigen no Mori, these scrolls jump off the page into reality as vital tools to complete different tasks and challenges. For fans of the Naruto universe, this immersive experience is an absolute must. This fusion of entertainment, challenge, and celebration of the creative series promises to be a thrilling adventure for ninjas young and old.