[Family Wellness Program] Meditation and Healthy Dining on Awaji Island

family wellness program at Zenbo Seinei

Wellness has become increasingly significant in our lives, with a growing emphasis on physical and mental health. While many view wellness as a personal journey, it is equally vital to foster wellness within groups or families. Recognizing this, Awaji Island is launching a family wellness program event, fostering a sense of well-being through a unique collaboration between the Zen wellness facility, Zenbo Seinei, and Farmers Restaurant Haru San San.

Learn About The Holistic Wellness of Environment, Mind, and Body Through the Fieldwork, Talk and Dining

Celebrate Children’s Day on May 5th with a special collaboration between Zenbo Seinei and “Tane no Chikara” at Haru San San, inviting both parents and children to join in. Generally catering only to junior high school students and older, Zenbo Seinei extends its doors to families that include small children this time, making this family wellness program a truly unique opportunity.

This is a great opportunity to learn about food’s importance and environmental sustainability. Through hands-on fieldwork, families will learn more about the essence of a prosperous and sustainable life.

Additionally, Zenbo Seinei offers a distinctive Zen cuisine emphasizing traditional Japanese fermentation techniques, guiding participants on an important lesson that encourages contemplation of food and its role in health. It is a day of learning, exploration, and bonding for families seeking a holistic approach to wellness.

Date & Time: May 5th (Sunday, 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Detailed Schedule:

9:00 AMEvent StartsZenbo Seinei
9:45 AM ~Move to Haru San San by busFrom Zenbo Seinei to Haru San San
10:00 AM ~11:30 AMFieldwork “What is Eating Properly?”Haru San San
11:40 AMMove to Zenbo Seinei by busFrom Haru San San to Zenbo Seinei
12:00 PM ~ 1:00 PMLunch “Zenbo Cuisine”Zenbo Seinei
1:00 PM ~ 2:15 PMA Talk on Food and Zen WellnessZenbo Seinei
2:30 PMCheck OutZenbo Seinei

Adult: 15,000 yen (tax included)
Child: 5,000 yen (tax included)

Family Wellness Program’s Content

Insightful Fieldwork

“Tane no Chikara” offers transformative experiences for companies and educational institutions, prompting them to reconsider SDGs and challenge common assumptions through nature-based fieldwork on Awaji Island. Parents and children will gain insight into the vital connection between food and the environment.

The family wellness program instills fresh awareness and sparks inquiry by reexamining the atarimae or the perceived norms that saturate our daily lives. By delving into the essence of things and translating experiences and reflections into tangible actions, participants accumulate wisdom and develop a personal understanding of various concepts. Through hands-on fieldwork, families together will explore the impact of food on both mind and body.

Delicious and Healthy Zen Cuisine

Zenbo cuisine is made without the use of animal products, sugar, oil, dairy, or flour. Its seasonings are naturally brewed using traditional methods spanning one to three years. The miso, soy sauce, mirin, and other ingredients are sourced directly from breweries. There are also homemade amazake (sweet sake) and other seasonings that allow the original flavors of the ingredients to shine.

Nobuaki Fushiki, a seasoned chef specializing in fermented food and an “evangelist” of fermented food culture, who oversees Zenbo cuisine, injects humor into food education, starting with the basics of seasoning found in home kitchens. He engages participants in interactive discussions.

Additionally, families can go to the Zenbo deck, and try wellness activities like yoga and meditation for a holistic experience during the family wellness program.

About the Facilities

Zenbo Seinei, designed by the world-famous architect Shigeru Ban, is an eco-conscious Zen facility on Awaji Island. Made from Japanese Cedarwood, its 100-meter deck offers stunning views. You can participate in activities to improve wellness such as yoga and meditation.

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Name Zenbo Seinei
Address 2594-5 Aza-Banaka, Kusumoto, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-2301
Tel 0799-70-9087
Website https://www.zenbo-seinei.com/en/
Program Reservations https://zenbo-seinei.urkt.in/direct/offices/587/courses
Hotel Reservation https://rsv.temanasi.jp/29/room/search
Operation Hours Mon: 9:00 am~5:00 pm / Tues~Sun: 11:00 am~6:30 pm
Closed: Varies depending on a month. Please inquire.

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On the other hand, Haru San San is a farmhouse restaurant offering a unique dining experience showcasing freshly harvested vegetables from its farm and locally sourced ingredients. Located on Awaji Island, guests are treated to the abundance of locally grown produce, expertly prepared to highlight their natural flavors. Haru San San, also designed by Shigeru Ban, is famous for its thatched roof supported by pillars made of paper tubes, emphasizing sustainability.

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Name Farmer’s Restaurant – Haru San San
Address 1510-4 Nojima-tokiwa Aza Genpachi, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1726
Tel 0799-70-9082
Operation Hours 11:00-18:00(L.O.17:00)
Closed Wednesdays
Website https://www.awaji-nlr.com/harusansan
Reservations https://www.tablecheck.com/en/shops/noukarestaurant-haru-sansan/reserve

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