Japan Hosts Three Out of the Ten Trending Cities to Visit in 2024

The appeal of traveling in Japan in 2024 will significantly increase, as indicated by Skyscanner, a leading global travel platform and agency. In their latest release of the trending cities to visit in 2024 among UK travelers, Japan secures three spots out of the top 10 with Sapporo (5th), Osaka (6th), and Tokyo (10th). While Tokyo has long been a favorite, the notable rise in attractiveness for Sapporo and particularly Osaka in recent years adds to the overall appeal of exploring Japan in 2024.

Why Do These Three Stand Out as the Trending Cities?

Tokyo has long held a reputation as one of the world’s most popular cities, serving as a technological hub and excelling in various facets of tourism, including gourmet experiences, culture, and nature. With the resurgence of tourists after the COVID-19 pandemic and heightened efforts by tourism organizations, Tokyo is anticipated to grow even more appealing in 2024, solidifying its place as one of the most trending cities in 2024.

Sapporo has long been a favored and recognized destination for Japanese locals, celebrated for its modernity and gourmet. Despite this, it has remained somewhat underrated among global tourists. However, with heightened efforts by tourism organizations and increased global promotion, Sapporo has gained greater recognition in recent years. The city’s allure, highlighted by the enchanting Sapporo Snow Festival and its exceptional seafood, positions it as one of the most trending cities to visit in 2024.

Osaka, in contrast to Tokyo, offers a distinct style of trendiness. The city’s allure is rooted in its bustling street food scene, expansive shopping districts, and vibrant local atmosphere. Those who have experienced Osaka firsthand often appreciate the uniqueness of its people and ambiance, making it especially appealing to foreigners. This distinct charm propels Osaka to a high ranking on this year’s list of trending cities to visit in 2024, with expectations that these factors will significantly contribute to attracting visitors in the coming year.

Awaji Island: The Hidden Tourist Gem Near Osaka

If you are visiting Osaka and have the time to explore the Kansai region, consider adding Awaji Island to your itinerary. While not yet widely recognized on the global stage, Awaji Island is a cherished destination among locals in the Kansai area, renowned for its rich culinary scene, natural beauty, and historical significance.

As Japan’s first island, Awaji boasts numerous historical sites, including small islands and shrines, reflecting a cultural heritage passed down through generations. Awaji Island offers breathtaking ocean views and greeneries in the Seto Inland Sea. Though not characterized by the same modernity as Japan’s bustling cities, Awaji Island possesses its distinct charm and uniqueness.

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