FREE Ballet Performances on Awaji Island

Awaji World Ballet Free Performance “Autumn Ballet Festa” Starts October 28th

We are delighted to present a special ballet performance filled with charm and grace, designed to bring the beauty of ballet to everyone in an approachable and enjoyable way.
This autumn’s performance promises to be a ballet experience that’s not to be missed!


Former Assemble Hall
2942-17 Iwaya, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture


Free for everyone

Dates and Times:

  • October 28th (Saturday) at 17:30
  • October 29th (Sunday) at 17:30
  • November 3rd (Friday) at 16:15
  • November 4th (Saturday) at 16:30
  • November 5th (Sunday) at 16:30
  • November 7th (Tuesday) at 16:30
  • November 11th (Saturday) at 13:30
  • November 12th (Sunday) at 13:30

Performance time: 35 minutes


  • The Dying Swan
  • Ave Maria
  • Tais Meditation from Thaïs
  • Pas de Quatre
    among others Please note that the program is subject to change.


  • 針山愛美 Emi Hariyama
  • 倉智太朗 Taro Kurachi
  • Nelia Ivanova
  • Svetlana Shrikhter
  • Margarita Dushakova
  • Katerina Evchikova
  • 山本春姫 Haruhime Yamamoto (rotating)

Reservation method:

Please apply using the application form https://forms.office.com/r/8qdeM5anZz