Savor Spring Beauty with Auberge’s Edible Flower Dishes

edible flower dish prince etoile

In celebration of the spring fair on Awaji Island, the 3 restaurants of Auberge French Forest are now offering delightful, new flower-themed dishes. These spring-inspired courses reflect the vibrant essence of the season through delectable dishes made with edible flowers and beautifully colored ingredients.

Prince Etoile’s French x Basque Edible Flower Cuisine

Prince Etoile, renowned for its mix of French and Spanish Basque cuisines, has unveiled a limited-time menu for the Spring Fair, featuring revamped appetizers and hot dishes in each course made with edible flowers. Embark on a culinary journey that harmonizes the flavors of both traditions with a touch of spring flair.

Marinated Cherry Sea Bream Salad

Fresh seafood is perfectly complemented by a refreshing sauce that combines the characteristic bitter tinge of spring vegetables into a flavorful dressing. The seafood is delicately coated with a sauce crafted from beets and adorned with floral companions including pentas and guppy. A true feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

*Please note that flower varieties may vary

Vegetables Mixed with Seafood and Foie Gras

Try the exquisite flavors of Awaji Island with cherry salmon pesto paired with French foie gras, delicately wrapped in tender spring cabbage. Beautiful bonny flowers bring elegance to to the experience, complemented by a cherry blossom-colored spring sauce crafted from beets. Every bite is a celebration of life.

Grand Baobab’s French x Italian Edible Flower Cuisine

At Grand Baobab, the famous fusion of French and Italian traditions has also been energized by the touch of spring.  From the fish course to appetizers, delightful seasonal twists turn up in every dish. Grand Baobab has also whipped up a limited-time drink menu featuring floral-inspired concoctions to accent this sublime meal with an aromatic bouquet.

Fresh Fish Carpaccio

Simple slices of fish become complex wonders under the delicate touch of a cherry-flavored jelly sauce, adorned with translucent, sparkling beads of olive oil and trout caviar. The exquisite combination brings the sweetness of cherry together with the saltiness of caviar, enhancing the natural flavors of the ocean.

Awaji Sea Bream Steamed with Cherry Blossom Cream Sauce

Meticulously prepared Awaji sea bream is wrapped in cherry leaves and marinated to infuse it with the subtle aroma of blossoming sakura. Salted cherry blossoms is the secret to the sauce, giving the dish a unique depth. Accompanied by spring cabbage, each bite offers a delightful crunch, complementing the tender fish for a truly memorable dining experience.

Fresh Orange Mimosa

Floating edible flowers give this drink a spring-like appearance.

Cherry Blossom Sparkling (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)

Sip on the sparkling wine with floating salted cherry blossom petals. Every passing moment, the blossoms release their fragrance and flavor, expressing the essence of springtime on Awaji Island.

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