Perfect for Summer! Elegant and Radiant Full-Course Lunch/Dinner at Uminoya

awaji island summer festival

As the fresh winds of early summer begin to blow along Awaji Island, the “SUNx2 Sparkling Summer Festival, Awaji Island West Coast” will start on Saturday, June 15th. Japanese-western restaurant SEIKAIHA Uminoya will introduce a limited-edition lunch/dinner inspired by the dazzling brilliance of summer.

Try the exclusive summer meal in an elegant setting surrounded by carefully selected antiques, evoking the charm of the Meiji era. This special culinary experience, available only during the festival, promises to be a highlight of your summer on Awaji Island!

Summer Festival Special – Sunset Full-Course Meal- 6,500 yen

awaji island summer festival

The summer full-course lunch/dinner at Uminoya combines the vibrant essence of summer with the restaurant’s signature elegance. Highlighting the best of Awaji Island, it features both Awaji beef and local fish, known for their exceptional quality.

All the courses use varieties of elaborately crafted yellow sauces, including those made with paprika, saffron, and béarnaise sauce, each offering its distinct flavor. Enjoy a culinary experience that beautifully captures the spirit of summer while showcasing the exquisite tastes Awaji Island has to offer.

Colorful flowers and vegetables with prosciutto and paprika sauce

The saltiness of the Spanish prosciutto enhances the natural sweetness of the vegetables, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. Complemented by a vibrant yellow pepper sauce and beautiful Awaji Island flowers, this dish is a stunning way to begin your full-course menu.

Yellow zucchini and pumpkin soup with Awaji onion flan

A colorful soup made with sweet pumpkin and zucchini sets the stage for the next course. The smooth texture and rich flavor of the Awaji onion flan melt in your mouth, spreading a delightful onion essence with each bite. Inspired by the breathtaking sunsets of Awaji Island, this course captures the essence of a summer evening on the island.

Saffron-infused Awaji fish with summer vegetables

Awaji Island, highly known for its fresh local fish, presents a culinary course featuring the day’s catch, delicately finished with a fragrant yellow sauce made from saffron, white wine, and aromatic herbs. Paired with vibrant summer vegetables, this dish is not only visually stunning but also a true celebration of the island’s rich flavors.

Pie with Awaji beef, red wine, and béarnaise sauce

Awaji beef, raised in the calm nature of Awaji Island and popular for its rich flavor, is exquisitely seasoned with red wine. This course reaches new heights of deliciousness when served with a rich béarnaise sauce made from clarified butter, tarragon, shallots, egg yolk, and chervil. The meat juices soak into the accompanying pie crust, allowing you to savor the flavors of the beef until the very last bite.

Special pudding with seasonal fruits

Uminoya’s special classic pudding is served with sweet and sour seasonal fruits. The sweet and sour taste of the seasonal fruits will refresh your mouth, perfect for the final fish.

Sunflower Omelet Rice – 2,000 yen

The special version of Uminoya’s beloved fluffy omelet rice, topped with colorful summer vegetables and a homemade sauce. This dish represents Japanese Western cuisine and is available exclusively at the fair. A must-try for anyone looking to experience a unique and delicious twist on a classic favorite.

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