A Hotel in the Iwaya Area on Awaji Island Is Scheduled to Open in May 2025

On January 26, Pasona Group announced a hotel development project in Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture.
The new lodging facility will be a complex that will include restaurants and other facilities, and is scheduled to open in May 2025. Pasona Group is committed to making Awaji Island an increasingly attractive tourist destination for the purpose of regional development. The Iwaya area in the northern part of Awaji City, where the hotel will be developed, currently lacks lodging facilities. The five-story facility is expected to be used by visitors to the Japan International Expo (Osaka-Kansai Expo) to be held in 2025.

The total floor space of the entire complex will be 11,184 square meters. The construction which is expected to cost 13~14 billion yen will start in November this year.