miele the DINER: Seafood Dining with Trendy Vibes

Miele the DINER on the Awaji Island west coast is a dining complex with a restaurant on the 1st floor and a café on the 2nd floor serving sweets and desserts. I had dinner with some friends at the restaurant while enjoying the beautiful ocean view.

miele the DINER

1st Floor Restaurant

Recently opened in March 2023, miele the DINER specializes in seafood but also has a range of other options, including burgers, on its diverse menu. The salad buffet offers a rich variety of local veggies. The sharp contrasts of yellow and blue throughout the casual interior is reminiscent of a 50’s American diner.

2nd Floor Café

The café on the second floor offers a relaxing atmosphere in an all glass wall surrounding. Perfect place to enjoy coffee and a variety of desserts with a clear view of the ocean.

Food to be shared

We ordered a set menu for our group meant to be shared. Ordering and eating together is a custom I’ve grown to enjoy since moving to Japan. Splitting the bill is also easier as everyone simply pays the same amount because they have all eaten the same dishes.

The meal had some of the best miele the DINER has to offer. The famous lobster, salad bar and salmon-fish-egg-pasta. It was all super delicious! I associate lobster to be very fancy and expensive but maybe here on an island it’s not such a big deal since it certainly wasn’t that expensive.

The salmon pasta was still my favorite. It was rich in flavor and had an decadent, creamy sauce. Absolutely the best!

I also enjoyed the selection at the salad bar. Having mini-tomatoes, cucumber and fruits with a variety of dressing was nice. I went back for more again and again.

You’d think that after eating all of these dishes, it would be impossible to even move from our chairs, but there’s AWLAYS room for dessert! From the 3 delicious pancake sets, I chose the plain one with whipped cream and miele’s signature honey. It might have been too much but I made it through.

Sister restaurants only a few minutes away

Miele the DINER is actually the newest addition to the miele restaurant family. It all started with the miele restaurant that soon got a sister facility next to it, miele the garden. Miele serves the famous white bait pizza and amazing honey waffles with delicious costa coffee. Miele the garden focuses more on being a calm, natural space with a terrace to enjoy your meal.


All in all, I highly recommend dining at miele the DINER. The seafood was superb and the salad bar itself was worth the visit. The interior is super cute and makes for amazing photos. In warmer weather, it would be lovely to sit outside and enjoy the ocean breeze but I visited during winter so that’ll have to wait until spring.

For more information check out the official site to make reservations!

Reservations can be made only for SEAFOOD DINER on the 1st floor.Click here for reservations

Name miele the DINER
Address 985-1 Nojimahikinoura, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1721
TEL 0799-70-9123
Closed Tuesday
Operation Hours 1F/11:00-20:00(L.O.19:30)
Website https://miele-the-diner.com/
Reservations ※Reservations can be made only for SEAFOOD DINER on the 1st floor.