Jazz Festival Music Experience on Awaji Island

jazz festival awaji island

The Awaji West Coast Jazz Festival is fast approaching, offering two special days dedicated to the celebration of live jazz music on the picturesque west coast of Awaji Island. The festival promises an exhilarating experience with jazz artists performing at various locations, enhancing the ambiance and creating a memorable experience on Awaji Island.

Awaji West Coast Jazz Festival Period

jazz festival - awaji island

Saturday, November 11 – Sunday, November 12, 2023

Facilities You Can Visit During the Awaji West Coast Jazz Festival

1. Auberge French Forest Grand Baobab

Experience a fusion of French and Mediterranean culinary influences, allowing you to enjoy the authentic essence of the ingredients.

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Experience the dream world of Hello Kitty with a media art gallery and a special show featuring cheerful songs, dance, and jazz performances.

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3. Awaji Island Craft Circus

Awaji Island Craft Circus is a seaside dining venue and market, where you can enjoy both great dining and a fulfilling shopping experience.

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4. SEIKAIHA Koshunoya

A store and bar showcasing meticulously aged, premium sake selected from 42 breweries across 19 prefectures in Japan, offering an exquisite range of long-aged sake varieties.

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5. SEIKAIHA Naminoritei

A theater with a spectacular view of the Harima-nada Sea, selected as one of the best 100 sunsets in Japan. The seating capacity is 190, and original performances are held regularly. The Jazz Festival features a powerful performance by the student group “Big Band”.

Big Band Performance Schedule During the Jazz Festival

November 11 (Saturday)
15:30~ Ritsumeikan University: R.U.Swingin’ Herd Jazz Ensemble
16:20~ Doshisha University: The Third Herd Orchestra

November 12 (Sunday)
15:30~ Konan Junior & Senior High School Brass Ensemble
16:20~ Konan University: Newport Swing Orchestra

Advance Reservations: November 1 (Wed.) – 10 (Fri.)

*First-come, first-served basis
*Seats are available in the “Reserved Seating Area”
*Same-day tickets: Reception begins at 12:00 PM on each day.

You can purchase a ticket Here.

6. SEIKAIHA Uminoya

Indulge in a theater-style restaurant offering a blend of Japanese and Western cuisine alongside live music, all within an elegant setting.

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7. Ladybird Road

Explore a vibrant gourmet and shopping avenue adorned with colorful streets hosting a diverse array of establishments, including cafes, restaurants, patisseries, markets, and a selection of international goods.

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Don’t miss the Awaji West Coast Jazz Festival on November 11-12, 2023! Experience two days filled with live jazz music, delicious cuisine, and the picturesque shores of Awaji Island.