A Peaceful and Relaxing Christmas on Awaji Island


Christmas, widely known for bustling streets adorned with glittering lights and the hustle of holiday shopping, often carries the energetic impression of crowds and festivities. However, there exists an enchanting alternative to the conventional Christmas experience, one that is peaceful and relaxing. Awaji Island, located away from the urban rush, offers an ideal location for those seeking a relaxing Christmas amidst the backdrop of stunning natural landscapes. In this article, we invite you to explore relaxing Christmas ideas on Awaji Island.

Relaxing Christmas on Awaji Island

While the charm of spending Christmas in vibrant city streets cannot be denied, there is an undeniable allure to the peace that Awaji Island provides. Picture a relaxing Christmas where time seems to slow down, creating an atmosphere conducive to creating cherished moments with your loved ones. Awaji Island’s natural beauty serves as a backdrop for a romantic experience. Spending Christmas on Awaji Island allows you to immerse yourself luxuriously in nature, where the simplicity of enjoying breathtaking scenery and delectable cuisine become sources of joy. Below, we are recommending spots on the island for those seeking a peaceful and relaxing Christmas.

Luxurious Seaside Restaurants for Lunch

Awaji Island, renowned for its pristine nature and coastal beauty, particularly on the west coast, boasts a sunset recognized among “Japan’s Top 100 Sunsets.” While the evening spectacle is truly captivating, there is a unique charm in gazing out at the sea in the afternoon. The calm sunlight reflecting on the water and the peaceful atmosphere makes for a beautiful and enchanting scene.

For those seeking a culinary experience to complement this beauty, Awaji Island offers a variety of exceptional dining options. Ocean Terrace is a prime choice for beef enthusiasts, renowned for serving Awaji Beef, considered one of the finest in Japan. Uminoya, with its fusion of Japanese and Western cuisine, provides a perfect balance for those interested in a Western-style dining experience. Meanwhile, Auberge stands out for its exquisite French cuisine set amidst the island’s natural surroundings. No matter where you dine, Awaji Island ensures a backdrop of stunning scenery and a hint of luxury, enhancing your relaxing Christmas experience.

Quiet Christmas Market With Your Loved Ones

The increasing popularity of Christmas markets in Japan is undeniable, yet the typical urban markets often become crowded and bustling, presenting a potentially overwhelming experience. For those seeking a more relaxing Christmas, the Christmas market on Awaji Island provides an ideal alternative. Renowned for its tranquility, Awaji Island offers a quieter setting, allowing guests to enjoy a more relaxing Christmas.

Awaji Island’s Christmas market, taking place from December 21st to 25th at Ladybird Road, invites visitors with free admission to enjoy a festive array of activities. The event has a diverse range of offerings, including crafts, culinary delights, live musical performances, and shopping opportunities. Noteworthy establishments like VIE CHOCOLAT, an exceptional vegan chocolate shop, and Nojima Bakery, promise unique and delectable treats. Adding to the charm, Awaji’s “Music Island” which consists of musicians from various parts of Japan, will warm the audience with heartwarming Christmas melodies.

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Awaji Island: Your Perfect Christmas Dinner

Continue your relaxing Christmas trip on Awaji Island with the most romantic dinner experience. Known for its breathtaking sunsets and exceptional cuisine, Awaji Island sets the stage for a memorable evening. For an especially romantic Japanese dinner, Aonoya is our top recommendation. Nestled against the backdrop of a stunning sunset and featuring captivating projection mapping, it offers a unique ambiance accompanied by soothing jazz melodies—truly a blend of romance, luxury, and relaxation.

Other dining options on Awaji Island maintain high standards, with some presenting exclusive Christmas-themed menus. These upscale restaurants provide not only panoramic views of the island’s natural beauty but also serve meticulously crafted dishes using the finest ingredients. Click here to learn more about Christmas-limited menus at restaurants on Awaji Island.

Awaji Island, celebrated for its exquisite cuisine and natural allure, offers an ideal setting for a tranquil and relaxing Christmas celebration with your loved ones. While big cities hold their charm during the festive season, the crowds can sometimes be overwhelming. Escape the hustle and bustle by choosing Awaji Island for a serene and relaxing Christmas experience.