Challenge the Iconic “Chunin Exam” from Naruto on Awaji Island  

If you are a Naruto enthusiast or familiar with the series, the term “Chunin Exam” likely rings a bell. The exam plays a crucial role in shaping the narrative and character progression within the Naruto storyline. Now, here is some exciting news, you will have the opportunity to participate in the real-life version of the Chunin Exam at NARUTO & BORUTO SHINOBI-ZATO in Nijigen no Mori, a theme park dedicated to the beloved Naruto series. In this article, we will delve into the significance of the Chunin Exam and provide details on how you can become a participant in the real-life version of the Exam.

About Chunin Exam

In Naruto, Chunin Exams are a set of rigorous ninja exams to assess the skills and combat abilities of genin (lower-ranking ninja). The Chunin Exams play a significant role in the development of all the characters in Naruto, mainly Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, as they navigate the challenges and confront powerful adversaries during these exams.

The Chunin Exams typically consist of multiple stages and tests, each designed to challenge different aspects of a ninja’s abilities. The exams often include written tests, where the participants are evaluated on their knowledge of ninja techniques, tactics, and strategy. Additionally, there are practical exams that involve combat situations, teamwork, and problem-solving. Chunin Exams serve not only as a means of promotion but also as a way for villages to identify and nurture promising young ninja.

Real-Life Chunin Exam on Awaji Island

chunin exam

“NARUTO & BORUTO SHINOBI-ZATO”, a popular attraction at Nijigen no Mori, will host the “Ninja Village Chunin Exam” event. This event will run from December 12, 2023 (Tuesday) to February 19, 2024 (Monday) for a limited time. In this exam, participants will face original challenges inspired by the trials endured by Naruto and his friends in the original series, such as a written exam that requires cunning and the search for two scrolls labeled “Heaven” and “Earth” scattered throughout the area.

Those who successfully clear all exams will receive a certificate of passage, proving their achievement as Chunin. Even those who unfortunately fail during the exam will receive an exclusive Ninja Village original seal. There are three exams in total, testing not only intelligence and physical strength but also the true essence of being a ninja—sense, creativity, and endurance.

*The event will be held only once a day.
*Weekends and holidays during the period are not eligible for the event.
*Japanese language is highly recommended to complete the chunin exam.

How to Apply: Apply at the reception by 2:00 PM on the day of the event.

Chunin Written Test, Scroll Searching, and Practical Exam

[First Exam] Written test. Participants will have 10 minutes to solve a challenging written test related to Naruto. Note that actions such as cheating, not in line with the ninja way, will lead to disqualification after being confirmed by the examiners three times.

*Please refrain from using scientific tools during the exam.

chunin exam

[Second Exam] Scroll search battle. Search for the “Heaven Scroll” and “Earth Scroll”,  exclusive to the Chunin Exam, within the attraction area and align the pair of scrolls. At the start of the exam, after playing a certain game, one scroll will be given to the examinee, and they must find the other scroll within a vast area within a time limit of 12 minutes. Participants who fail to align the scrolls within the specified time will be disqualified. [Third Exam] Practical hidden “Seal” test! Details will be disclosed only to those who pass the second exam.

Those who pass all three exams will receive a special scroll with their name on it as proof of becoming a Chunin. As a participation prize, one random original seal out of seven exclusives to Nijigen no Mori will be given. The exam fee is free but separate admission tickets are required. What are you waiting for? Embark on an adventure to Awaji Island and dive into the iconic real-life Chunin Exam experience.

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