A Fulfilling Golden Week Trip on Awaji Island

golden week on Awaji Island

Golden Week in Japan is a collection of four national holidays that occur close together in late April to early May. It is one of the busiest holiday seasons in the country when many people take time off from work or school to travel, relax, and enjoy various activities. Now, let me introduce you to fascinating destinations on Awaji Island where you will have the most fun during your Golden Week this year.

Knowing 2024 Golden Week

Golden Week consists of several national holidays clustered together, creating an extended break for the Japanese people. The holidays that make up Golden Week include Showa Day on April 29th, Constitution Memorial Day on May 3rd, Greenery Day on May 4th, and Children’s Day on May 5th, which falls on Sunday this year, and therefore, its substitute day, May 6th.

During Golden Week, many people take advantage of the extended break to travel, visit family, or participate in various leisure activities. Golden Week is also a significant period for retail and tourism industries, with special events and festivals held across the country to attract both locals and tourists alike. Awaji Island also embraces the spirit of Golden Week this year, as it has plenty of attractions to make your Golden Week truly enjoyable.

Ladybird Road: Hidden Gem for Golden Week Gourmet Adventure

Directly facing the ocean, Ladybird Road is lined with buildings inspired by European cityscapes, and is a retail complex with 14 restaurants/shops, including a market and souvenir shop. You can choose from a variety of restaurants, including Japanese and Western cuisine, as well as restaurants that serve fresh seafood from Awaji Island and soups from around the world.

With a variety of restaurants lined up, customers are spread out and the meal process goes relatively smoothly. All restaurants serve health-conscious dishes made with carefully selected ingredients, including ingredients from Awaji Island. One of the recommended points of this area is that you can enjoy a relaxing time even during the busy golden week period with a spectacular view of the Harima-nada Sea from inside the restaurants.


Ocean Terrace: Try One of the Finest Beef in Japan, Awaji Beef

Ocean Terrace is a restaurant where you can enjoy Japan’s self-roast style of Awaji Beef, a brand of beef that Awaji Island is proud of, and the spectacular view facing the ocean on the west coast of Awaji Island. Awaji Island is known as one of the largest areas producing “Tajima ushi (beef)”, a well-known brand of kuroge wagyu (Japanese beef). Out of those produced on Awaji Island, only those which passed the strict conditions are called “Awaji Beef”.

In a spacious space with a seating capacity of 100, you can enjoy approximately 30 types of buffet-style meals, all prepared by professional chefs. The buffet menu features exquisite ingredients such as self-roasted Ebisu mochi pork (lunch only) and roasted Awaji beef (dinner only). It is highly recommended if you want to enjoy a fantastic BBQ experience during your Golden Week trip.

Cape Myojin: Hidden Gems with Outstanding Views

Cape Myojin has a spectacular sea view that has not yet been spread on social media or the internet. It is a scenic spot famous among residents as a mystical spot. As you walk further, you will reach a rock cave that resembles the shape of a woman’s womb and the shape of Awaji Island, and it is a power spot where legend has it that if you pass through the gap, you will be reborn.

Although it is a little-known spot along the west coast of Awaji Island, it is a scenic spot with easy access. We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes as you will be walking through rocky areas. If you want to have a spectacular view of the ocean all to yourself during Golden Week, why not give it a visit?

Gossa Kaito Iseki (ruin): Golden Week’s Historical Exploration on Awaji Island

If you are seeking a more unique and secluded adventure, far away from the hustle and bustle of Golden Week, then this is the perfect option for you. On Awaji Island, there are remains of a village where iron tools were made in the late Yayoi period (B.C 300 to A.D.300), and more than 100 iron tools, including axes and arrowheads, have been excavated from the ruins.

The Gossa Kaito Iseki ruins are designated as a national historic site and are a rare spot where you can see pit-style dwellings and remains of the time when blacksmiths were produced. Located in Hokudan, Awaji Island, the ruins sit atop a gentle hill, offering a luxurious sightseeing experience. Here, you can immerse yourself in the crisp mountain air while enjoying panoramic views of the open sea.

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Akashi Kaikyo Park: Golden Week’s Beautiful Photo Spots on Awaji Island

During the Golden Week period, the “Spring Carnival” takes place at Akashi Kaikyo National Park on Awaji Island until May 19th. This event showcases approximately 15,000 Nemophila plants, a beloved spring flower, along with other vibrant blooms such as violas, livingstones, and calendulas.

The park, spanning about 100 hectares, was formerly utilized for the construction of Kansai Airport but has since been transformed into a picturesque seaside park. Visitors can leisurely stroll amidst the flowers and relish the stunning coastal views. Despite the influx of tourists during Golden Week, the expansive grounds ensure a tranquil experience. With parking available for over 500 cars, even pet owners can enjoy a relaxing walk together.

Haru San San: Eco-conscious Healthy Dining Experience on Awaji Island

Located deep in the mountains of Awaji Island, Haru San San is a farmhouse restaurant renowned for its thatched roof design, lush greenery surroundings, and healthy cuisine. It is a popular destination for lunch, featuring a menu showcasing fresh vegetables sourced from the island. Each dish is meticulously crafted to highlight the flavors of the ingredients.

The cozy indoor space exudes a warm, natural ambiance, offering a serene retreat. During lunch hours, you can unwind and savor your meals while enjoying the beautiful scenery and tranquil surroundings.

Haru San San also emphasizes its cafe offerings, with a highlight being its original parfait made with seasonal cherry blossoms and strawberries from Awaji Island. Additionally, you can enjoy adorable tiramisu resembling a field and other seasonal sweets.

The restaurant’s thatched-roof building, designed by popular architect Shigeru Ban, is constructed using eco-friendly materials, adding to its charm and sustainability. This experience is perfect for those seeking a slower pace, with a blend of healthy and upscale dining during their Golden Week visit to Awaji Island.

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Name Farmer’s Restaurant – Haru San San
Address 1510-4 Nojima-tokiwa Aza Genpachi, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1726
Tel 0799-70-9082
Operation Hours 11:00-18:00(L.O.17:00)
Closed Wednesdays
Website https://www.awaji-nlr.com/harusansan
Reservations https://www.tablecheck.com/en/shops/noukarestaurant-haru-sansan/reserve

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There you have it, several recommended spots to visit during this year’s Golden Week on Awaji Island. While Golden Week in Japan can be bustling with activity, these spots we’ve highlighted offer a more relaxing experience for those seeking tranquility. If you’re interested, be sure to plan a visit to Awaji during Golden Week.