Endless Summer Adventures at Nijigen no Mori Anime Theme Park!

The sunshine is dazzling, and the days heralding the arrival of summer are increasing here on Awaji Island. For those looking to get active and have fun, we recommend the anime theme park Nijigen no Mori. With new attractions appearing one after another, it’s becoming more exciting and dynamic. Awaji Island is much closer from major cities as one might think: just 30-min drive from Kobe, 1-hour drive from Osaka and convenient buses / free shuttle bus service are available.

Let’s explore Nijigen no Mori this summer!

Exciting Four Naruto-themed Japanese Craft Experiences

As part of the “Naruto & Boruto Samidare (Rainy) Festival”, the popular four traditional craft experiences at the indoor Shinobi-zato Workshop will be available until July 21st (Sun). These activities are perfect for enjoying during Japan’s hot summer months and rainy season.

During the rainy season, four previously popular craft activities will be revived: “Incense Making”, “Hairpin Making”, “Paper Lantern Making”, and “Scented Sachet Making”. Each craft takes about 30 minutes to complete.

The area also features unique photo spots with Japanese umbrellas and an engaging social media campaign. This limited-time event perfectly blends cultural aesthetics and interactive experiences, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the world of ninjas.

Practice and Activate ~Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu~

Summer is here, and Nijigen no Mori is ready to help you make the most of it! At “NARUTO & BORUTO Shinobi Village”, they’re hosting a family-friendly, summer-limited event called the Midsummer Grand Suiton Festival 2024 “Activate! “Suiton, Suiryudan no Jutsu” to September 1st (Sun).

This event offers a unique opportunity for participants to receive a lesson on the hand seals required to activate “Suiton, Suiryudan no Jutsu” from the Shinobi Village staff. You’ll learn to execute the intricate seals necessary for this powerful water technique in the designated area in front of Hokage Rock. If performed correctly, about 50 liters of water will splash up, providing an exhilarating real-life experience of ninjutsu.

Thrilling Experience: Protect Your Paper Scoop!

Another popular attraction at the anime theme park Nijigen no Mori is the “Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park”. There will be an exciting water event called “Protect Your Paper Scoop from the Splash Athletics!” which will be held for a limited time from to September 1st (Sun). This event takes place on the Crayon Shin-chan athletics course, which features four different height levels of experience.

During this water event, participants must navigate the athletics course while keeping their paper scoop attached to their helmets dry as water splashes all around. It’s a fun and challenging activity that adds extra excitement to the already adventurous course.

Awaji GODZILLA Festival 2024

If you’re a major fan of the iconic monster, the Godzilla theme park at Nijigen no Mori is the ultimate destination. Here, you can embark on an exhilarating adventure to thwart the legendary Godzilla from rising!

Currently, the “Awaji GODZILLA Festival 2024” is taking place alongside the “Godzilla Intercept Operation” mission. This unique event brings together Godzilla enthusiasts from around the globe to delve into Japanese culture and the world of Godzilla. Don’t miss out, as this special occasion runs until Sunday, July 21st.

Those who purchase the “Special Set Ticket” will have the chance to participate in two exhilarating games during the event. The “Tosenkyo Game” (a fan-tossing game) and the “Bow and Arrow Challenge” offer a taste of traditional Japanese gaming. Winners will receive limited-edition Godzilla-themed products featuring Japanese motifs as prizes.

Enter the World of SPY x FAMILY on Awaji Island!

The anime series SPY×FAMILY has gained considerable acclaim all around the world. Nijigen no Mori features two notable locations for fans to explore this summer: “Flower Park”, where guests can take photos with characters in floral-themed attire, and “Heartthrob Maze,” an interactive maze inspired by the anime. These attractions offer an immersive experience into the world of SPY×FAMILY, making it a must-visit for enthusiasts.

Embark on a Quest in the RPG World!

“Dragon Quest Island”, newly revamped this spring, promises an ideal adventure for your summer getaway. Immerse yourself in its refreshed original story and embark on an exciting journey!

Vibrant Summer Festival on Awaji Island!

Get ready for a summer festival themed around sunny “yellow” on Awaji Island, evoking ideas of light and sunshine! Local eateries along Awaji Island’s western coast will serve exclusive “sunny” gourmet dishes. Don’t miss out on the fun at the SUN x 2 Sparkling Summer Festival on Awaji Island!