Traditional Workshop “ECO CRAFT GALLERY” on Awaji Island


“ECO CRAFT GALLERY” offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate traditional crafts from Awaji Island and eco-friendly products to preserve the environment. As part of a reconstruction support project for the Noto Peninsula earthquake, the craft gallery will showcase traditional Noto crafts and provide a donation box for contributions.

Additionally, a limited number of ema (votive tablets) crafted from food waste and Japanese paper will be available. Visitors are encouraged to write messages of support and hope for the reconstruction of Noto on these ema, offering a heartfelt gesture of solidarity to those affected by the disaster.

Eco Craft Gallery Period: February 23 (Friday) – March 3 (Monday)

During this period, workshops will feature accessory-making using Awaji tiles, crafting original ocarinas, creating venetian masks, and many more. These workshops are held in conjunction with the “Awaji Island Italian Fair”, taking place on the west coast of Awaji Island on the same day.


Original Awaji Tile Accessories

eco craft gallery

Guests can create unique accessories using Awaji Tiles, renowned as one of Japan’s top three tile varieties.

Time required: 40 minutes
Fee: 3,300 yen
Date & Time: February 23 (Friday, public holiday) 1:00 PM~/2:00 PM~/3:00 PM~/4:00 PM

SDGs TOY Workshop

These toys offer children a playful introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The workshop will be led by an international team comprising members from diverse countries, enriching the experience with a global perspective.

Duration: 10 min.
Fee: Free of charge
Date: February 23 (Friday, public holiday) – March 3 (Sunday.)

Venetian Mask Making

Guests will have the opportunity to craft unique venetian masks, coinciding with the “Awaji Island Italian Fair”. Please enjoy putting the mask on and taking a commemorative photo at the special photo spot in Craft Circus.

Time required: 20 minutes
Fee: Free of charge
Date: 2/23 (Friday, public holiday) – 3/3 (Sunday)

Traditional Japanese Paper Handkerchief Dyeing

eco craft gallery - handerchief

This workshop is one of the highlights of the craft gallery. During this workshop, guests will dye Japanese paper handkerchiefs using vibrant colors extracted from onion peel. Craft an eco-friendly handkerchief that, after extensive use, can be returned to the soil, embodying sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Time required: 2 hours
Fee: 3,300 yen
Dates: February 24 (Saturday) 1:00 PM~/3:00 PM~

Onion-shaped Ocarina Making Workshop

eco craft gallery - ocarina

During this workshop, guests will make an ocarina featuring a charming onion character using Awaji Tiles.

Time required: 2 hours
Fee: 1,500 yen
Date and time: February 25, 1:00 PM~/3:00 PM~.

Demonstration of the Traditional “Tokyo Picture Frame” Craft

Mr. Daichi Kurihara, the 15th generation artisan of “Tokyo Picture Frame”, a traditional craft designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, will offer a demonstration related to the intricate production process of picture frames. The art is celebrated as a traditional craft of Tokyo, and guests will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the artistry and dedication that Mr. Kurihara brings to his work.

Date: March 2 (Saturday) – March 3 (Sunday), 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Tempura yokai gacha is also available!

tempura gacha

Unique tempura yokai (Japanese spirit) gacha featuring items such as shrimp, eggplant, shishito pepper, shiitake mushroom, and pumpkin will also be available for purchase.

Event Reservation

If you are interested in participating in the workshops above, please send an email to the email address below.

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