Sweet Pea Season Has Arrived Again on Awaji Island!

The sweet pea picking experience was introduced in Awaji Island last year, and proved to be very popular. This year, we again visited Uesato Flower Garden. The blooming has been a little delayed due to last year’s lingering summer heat, but now it is fast approaching, with picking expected to commence in the next few days. In this article, we will introduce the results of Uesato Flower Garden’s wonderful efforts and the charm of the sweet pea blooms!

At Uesato Flower Garden, You Can Make Your Own Sweet Pea Bouquet

Sweet peas are cultivated at Uesato Flower Garden’s greenhouse in Sano, Awaji City. They mainly handle online orders, but they also provide programs that allow you to experience picking on the spot.

When you enter the greenhouse, you will be greeted by the sweet and gorgeous scent of the flowers. There are 5 colors: red, pink, ivory, white, and lavender. They are sold for 70 yen each online, and 60 yen for those who purchase them locally for the picking experience. They are much cheaper and of better quality than those purchased at flower shops, and even cut flowers’ quality can still be fresh for about a month. Ivory and lavender especially have a strong scent!

This year, due to the intense heat that continued into September and October, flowering was delayed, so they are currently only accepting online orders and the picking experience has been temporarily suspended. When we interviewed them, they said they expect to be able to reopen from the end of February. The lack of flowers is not only a problem on Awaji Island, but also in Miyazaki Prefecture, which is the largest producer of sweet peas.

Sweet Peas’ Flower Language

The flower language of sweet pea includes “setting off (on a long journey)” and “tender memories”. Spring is the season of encounters and farewells, and giving sweet peas as a gift is perfect for sending off loved ones. The gorgeous scent of sweet peas will add color to your wonderful memories.

Sweet Pea Picking Experience

We mentioned earlier that there are five colors of sweet peas, and among them, the red sweet pea was named Seiko. After all, in Japan, Seiko Matsuda’s “Akai (red) Sweet Pea” is a very familiar song, and is the reason (we were told) that the flower was so named.

In the sweet pea picking experience, you can choose your favorite flowers and make them into a bouquet. If you make a bouquet of five colorful sweet peas and display it in your room, it will instantly add a touch of beauty. Moreover, the fragrance emitted by these flowers is truly captivating, filling the room with a delightful and pleasant aroma. The unique experience of handpicking sweet peas, exclusive to Awaji Island, holds great appeal and will undoubtedly enhance your visit to the island.