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Shop for “Inishie no Bishu 2000 Asahikawa,” a Brand that Won Gold Medals at Two Overseas Sake Competitions

Koshunoya, the bar and shop specializing in long-aged Japanese sake, shochu, awamori, and plum wine, t sells a special gift package (375ml) of “Inishie no Bishu 2000 Asahikawa”, the premium brand of vintage sake, which won gold medals at the Kura Master Sake Competition 2022 held in France and the Australian Sake Awards 2022, the Australia’s first sake competition.

Kouzoku no Bishu 2000 Asahikawa” (375ml) 12,000 yen (excluding tax)

About the competitions

Kura Master Sake Competition Gold Prize

This sake competition has been held in France since 2017. The jury consists of professionals in the food and beverage industry, including MOF holders, who are certified by the French government as the best craftsmen, as well as top sommeliers from top French hotels and professionals from restaurants, hotels, and culinary schools. The evaluation focuses on the compatibility of food and beverages.

Australian Sake Awards 2022 Gold Prize

Australia’s first sake competition was launched in 2022. The judging panel consists of Australian sommeliers, sake retailers, food and beverage industry professionals, sake license holders, and sake importers and wholesalers, who are the professionals “closest to the consumer”. The judging is conducted using a blind tasting method without looking at the brand or label to ensure a fair evaluation. In addition, each judge is required to attend a sake lecture in advance to learn more about sake and participate in the judging.

Our commitment to long-aged sake of 10 years or more

Long-term aging produces sweetness, aroma, and acidity in the sake, giving it a deeply enjoyable flavor.
SEIKAIHA’s Koshunoya offers a wide selection of vintages from the 1980’s to 2010’s. Even if the sake is made by the same brewery, you can enjoy different tastes and aromas from different vintages.

Sake experts carefully select quality sake

We have actually visited over 100 sake breweries, and sake tasters and wine sommeliers have carefully selected brands from over 1,200 breweries nationwide that are particularly outstanding in terms of taste and aroma. We have a selection of approximately 60 brands of vintage sake from all over Japan.

A wide range of products to compare different sake breweries and aging years

You can compare aged sake from different breweries across Japan. In addition, the different ages of maturity make it possible to match the gift with the anniversary year. Products include sets that combine miniature bottles of long-aged sake, shochu, ume (plum) wine, and awamori. You can also choose from a variety of themed sets by region, age, and type of sake.

Major Awards

– “Omotenashi Selection 2020” awarded by foreigners living in Japan

– Three brands won gold medals in the category of aged Japanese sake at the “15th Féminaries World Wine Competition 2021”

– One brand won a gold medal and one brand won a silver medal in the Japanese distilled spirits category at the 16th Féminaries World Wine Competition 2022 in France.
– Two brands won gold medals in the aged sake category at the Kura Master 2022 sake competition
– One brand won a gold medal in the aged sake category of the SAKE section at IWC2022, the world’s largest sake competition.
– One brand won a gold medal in the aged sake category at Australian Sake Awards 2022, the first sake competition held in Australia.

For those who would like to purchase sake while tasting and comparing different types, we recommend Koshunoya located on Awaji Island. It offers a variety of dishes that go well with aged sake. It is also a great place to view the sunset. Please stop by when you visit Awaji Island!

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Address 70 Nojima-okawa, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1723
Tel 0799-70-9020
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