Memorable Hikes on Awaji Island

hikes on Awaji Island

Hiking allows you to forget about your problems and stress while escaping into nature. The scenery changes with every step, creating an enjoyable experience. There’s no better place to hike than a location blessed with natural beauty, which is why, in this article, we will introduce you to the best hikes on Awaji Island.

What to Expect During Hikes on Awaji Island?

hikes on Awaji Island

Awaji Island is renowned for its rich history and abundant nature. While hiking on the island, you can expect to find shrines and historical monuments along some of the trails. The natural beauty of Awaji Island is also famous, with ocean views and iconic bridges like the Naruto Bridge and Akashi Bridge featured on various hiking paths.

Additionally, some trails offer stunning sunset views, considered among the best in Japan. However, be cautious, as some of the hiking trails lack toilets and comfortable resting areas.

Mt. Yuzuruha: Comfortable Hikes with Exceptional Views

Mt. Yuzuruha is the tallest mountain on Awaji Island, standing over 600 meters high. One key takeaway from our climb was that it feels higher than it is, as the views from the top are comparable to those from much higher elevations. From the summit of Yuzuruha, you can see six prefectures, the beautiful ocean, and the famous Naruto Bridge, a view unique to this vantage point.

Since it is not very tall, you can reach the top in about an hour, making it a comfortable hike for everyone. Starting from Awaji Dam, you can enjoy the refreshing views of trees and mountain streams. As you ascend, you’ll begin to see more ocean views. Don’t forget to visit Yuzuruha Shrine, known for the mythological three-legged crow called Yatagarasu.

The combination of ease, stunning views, and minimal crowds makes Mt. Yuzuruha one of the best hikes on Awaji Island.

A Historical Hike at Sumoto Castle & Mt. Mikuma

Sumoto Castle is a charming castle in Sumoto, once a vital link between mainland Honshu and Shikoku. The castle is renowned for its serene atmosphere and the stunning beach nearby. You can begin your adventure with a hike up Mount Mikuma, a moderately tall peak that offers manageable difficulty.

Upon reaching the summit, you’ll see Sumoto Castle and breathtaking views of the beach, ocean, and city. While not overly challenging, the blend of historical significance and panoramic views makes this one of the best hikes on Awaji Island.

Nushima: Explore Unique Hiking Trails with a Glimpse into Japan’s History

Our final recommendation is Nushima, an island situated to the south of Awaji Island, renowned for its captivating scenery and historical significance. It’s an ideal destination for hiking and trekking enthusiasts who love exploration.

Home to just one village, Nushima offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the lifestyle of a small and remote island community, with a history dating back many centuries, and fishing as its primary industry.

onokoro island - nushima

Shaped like one of the ancient crescent-shaped Japanese beads known as magatama, Nushima boasts notable attractions such as the Onogoro Shrine and Kamitategami Iwa (Rising and Forming Sacred Creation Rock of Shinto).

If you’re seeking an adventure that extends beyond hiking itself, exploring the cultural and historical treasures of Nushima comes highly recommended and promises to be one of the most memorable hikes on Awaji Island.

Walking on Awaji Island

Walking is just as beloved as hiking on Awaji Island, offering a more leisurely way to enjoy the island’s stunning views. Moreover, there are historical walking routes on Awaji Island that are worth exploring. Our top recommendations include Awaji Hanasajiki, where you can admire the vibrant blooms of flowers, and Gossa Kaito Iseki, where you can find ancient artifacts of Awaji Island.

For a more extensive walking experience, we suggest exploring Awajishima Prefectural Park, renowned for its vastness. You can also visit the nearby Anime Park Nijigen no Mori during your walk.

Awaji Island is famous for its breathtaking views, offering numerous fantastic locations for hikes and trekking. The recommendations provided are just a glimpse of the many opportunities awaiting exploration. If you’re interested, why not plan a visit to Awaji Island and experience its natural beauty firsthand?