International Day of Yoga with Megumi Chiaki


At Zenbo Seinei, bring peace and energy to both mind and body while enjoying a spectacular view of Awaji Island. This year, a special event will be held to celebrate the International Day of Yoga on June 21st. Join us for a total Zen experience including meditation to the harmonic overtones of a “Crystal Sound Bath.” Feel true relaxation in the embrace of lush natural surroundings and reconnect with your inner-self guided by these soothing waves of sound.


June 21st (Friday) to June 22nd (Saturday)

Detailed Event Schedule

June 21st

3:00 pmCheck-in
4:00-5:15 pmSeinei Wellness Yoga + Crystal Bath
5:15-8:00 pmZen tea, Zen calligraphy, Zenbo Cuisine
8:00-8:45 pmSound meditation + Crystal Bath
8:45~Free time
12:00 amLights out

June 22nd

6:30 amWake-up
6:45-7:00 amMorning activities
7:20-8:20 amSEINEI Wellness Yoga, Morning Flow (60m)
8:30-9:30 amBreakfast “Zenbo Cuisine”
10:00 amCheck-out


48,000 yen

Instructor: Chiaki Megumi

・Yoga Alliance certified 200-hour yoga teacher qualification (RYT-200)
・International Yoga Academy certified 200-hour yoga instructor qualification (IYF-200)
・Inner Sense of Wonder 108 days mindfulness program completed

“After completing yoga teacher training in South India, I held beach yoga, temple yoga, and studio classes in my hometown of Aichi for 10 years, and currently continue to study yoga, Indian philosophy, and Buddhism. From April 2022, by a stroke of luck, I entered Zenbo Seinei, and moved to Awaji Island. The vision here is of a place where people can come again and again whenever they feel tired, to reset and start fresh once more. In other words, a place to call home, where every hard working person is always welcome. A place where people can be released from their goals, where they can take the time to pause and reflect on what they already have, rather than continually striving to gain something more. We want you to be able to value yourself during your time with us, to realize nothing more is needed.”

Facility Introduction

The day-plans are attracting attention across media as a completely new kind of Zen retreat program. The structure designed by Shigeru Ban is a masterpiece which blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment. Step onto the 100m wooden deck for an extraordinary experience.