Extraordinary Digital Nomad Experience on Awaji Island

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Japan’s upcoming digital nomad visa, set to debut in March 2024, has sparked a buzz among remote workers. Despite its requirements, many foreigners are anticipated to come to Japan under this new visa category. In this article, we will explore why Awaji Island stands out as an ideal destination for digital nomads in Japan.

Japan Digital Nomad Visa

A digital nomad is an individual who earns a living and lives a nomadic lifestyle, often working remotely from various locations worldwide, relying on telecommunications technologies and the internet. Japan recently announced plans to launch a digital nomad visa starting in March, offering benefits like a six-month stay and the option to bring family members.

Despite the challenges associated with meeting income and other requirements, there is an expectation that many individuals who qualify will choose to come to Japan using this type of visa. We have previously made an article with an in-depth explanation about the Japan digital nomad visa, so click here if you are interested.

Awaji Island is a Compelling Destination for a Digital Nomad

While Tokyo may be the top choice for many due to its status as Japan’s largest city, the Kansai area presents a compelling alternative for digital nomads. With vibrant cities like Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, and more, the region offers a wealth of experiences. By staying here, digital nomads can easily explore these cultural treasures. Awaji Island, a mere 30-minute journey from Kobe, further enhances this appeal with its natural beauty, exquisite cuisine, and distinctive amenities, making it an ideal destination for digital nomads.

Awaji, The Island Blessed by Beautiful Nature

Picture yourself on a pristine, tranquil beach, your laptop before you as you work, while beyond lies the mesmerizing expanse of the ocean adorned with one of Japan’s most stunning sunsets. Alternatively, envision yourself nestled in a serene glamping cocoon, gazing up at the twinkling stars above. These scenarios are commonplace on Awaji Island.

Renowned for its picturesque beaches, Awaji’s western coast offers unrivaled sunset vistas, celebrated as among the finest in Japan, being listed on “The Top 100 Sunsets in Japan”. Additionally, the island’s lush green surroundings make it a favored spot for stargazing, adding to its charm as an ideal destination. Awaji Island is also home to one of Japan’s most vibrant and picturesque flower parks, Awaji Hanasajiki, making it yet another perfect spot for digital nomads.

Awaji Island is Renowned for its Remarkable Food & Culture

Popular for its cuisine, Awaji Island offers an abundance of fresh seafood and beef, including the prized Awaji Beef known for its exceptional marbling and rarity. The island’s culinary excellence extends to its title of having Japan’s finest onions, enhancing the flavor profile of various dishes and contributing to its culinary uniqueness.

Additionally, Awaji Island holds a significant place in Japan’s divine creation story according to Kojiki, being the first piece of land formed during this historical process. It is considered a sacred site, attracting curious travelers and pilgrims eager to delve into Japan’s mythical origins.

If you are eager to try new and delicious dishes while immersing yourself in Japanese culture, Awaji Island is the perfect destination for your stay as a digital nomad.

Comfortable Stay on Awaji Island as a Digital Nomad For Longer Term

What we have shared so far only scratches the surface of Awaji Island’s allure. For digital nomads, there is an additional advantage unique to this island, the abundance of akiya. “Akiya” in Japan refers to vacant or abandoned homes, often found in rural or declining areas. These properties are sometimes available for purchase at low prices or even given away for free as part of government initiatives to revitalize communities and combat population decline and urban decay.

Purchasing or renovating akiya has become a popular choice for those seeking affordable housing or a simpler, rural lifestyle. This is part of efforts to address issues such as community revitalization, population decline, and urban decay. Awaji Island has many such empty houses, making it an attractive option for digital nomads. The city even has a large database of these empty houses, making digital nomads can check, negotiate, and purchase them.

Living on Awaji Island as a digital nomad is also ideal due to its reduced distractions, lower cost of living, and higher quality of life. With fewer disturbances, they can focus better on their work and maintain productivity. Additionally, the lower cost of living on Awaji Island makes it more affordable for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Contrary to what one might assume, living on Awaji Island is far from boring. The island is renowned for its remarkable revitalization initiatives, which have given rise to numerous unique facilities and restaurants, as detailed here.


As Japan prepares to welcome digital nomads in 2024, Awaji Island stands ready to embrace them with open arms. With its accessibility, affordable living costs, enhanced quality of life, abundant nature, and more, it’s an ideal location for digital nomads to settle. If you’re considering Japan as your next destination, be sure to include Awaji Island as one of your top options.