YOSHIKI, a World-Renowned Artist, Collaborates with a Ukrainian Ballerina on a 24-hour Live TV Program!

“Endless Rain” Played by YOSHIKI of X JAPAN and Danced by a Ukrainian Ballerina

A 24-hour nonstop TV program by Nippon TV Broadcasting, “24 -jikan Telebi~Ai wa Chikyuu wo Sukuu” (24-hour TV- Love Saves the Earth”), to be aired from August 27 to 28 will feature a Ukrainian ballerina living on the Awaji Island through the Pasona Group Ukraine Support Project. The theme of the program this year, celebrating the 45th anniversary, is “Longing to meet!”.

As one of the episodes of people who long to meet, Nelya Ivanova, a ballerina from Ukraine who evacuated to Awaji Island through the Pasona Group Ukraine Support Project, will be introduced. Kazuya Ninomiya, a member of the popular boys’ group “Arashi”, interviewed her on Awaji Island about her country, her thoughts on her brother who remains in Ukraine in addition to her new life on Awaji Island and her life as a ballerina. She comments, “While thanking Japan for accepting me, I feel heartbreaking everyday, thinking of my brother who is fighting for our country.”

After the documentary, Ivanova will dance to a piano performance of “Endless Rain” played by YOSHIKI, a leader of X JAPAN and a multi-talented artist. This collaboration conveys their wishes for world peace. The special performance and costume are choreographed and directed by Emi Hariyama, a leader of Awaji World Ballet Project. Hariyama will also appear on the stage with Ivanova.

Don’t miss this great, one and only performance!

 On Air Date of “24 -jikan Telebi~Ai wa Chikyuu wo Sukuu”:

From 18:30 on Saturday, August 27 to 20:54 on Sunday, August 28 on NNS (Nippon Television Network System)
The documentary and collaboration are scheduled to be on air around 18:30 on Sunday, August 28.