Musical & Opera Night “Cinderella” at Uminoya

Located on the west coast of Awaji Island, Uminoya is a unique Western-style restaurant near the serene Harimanada Sea. The food seamlessly blends Japanese and Western cuisines, highlighting the finest seasonal ingredients sourced in Awaji Island. You can enjoy your meal to the backdrop of live musical performances. The main highlight is the “Musical & Opera Night” event held every Friday, and in February, Uminoya will organize a new exciting performance; “Cinderella”.

What is Musical & Opera Night?

Each season, Uminoya unveils a curated selection of musical masterpieces, featuring spectacular live singing and dancing. The gala concert of well-known songs is presented in two enthralling parts, accompanied by live music performed by accomplished musicians and singers from Awaji Island.

This popular event, celebrated for its captivating performances, continues to be a highlight on the island’s cultural calendar. Launching on February 9, the new performance, “Cinderella”, invites you into the enchanting world of the iconic character. Witness the magical transformation that turns Cinderella into a beautiful princess, as the stage comes alive with a completely original script, accompanied by beautiful music and captivating performances.

Synopsis of the new performance

Daily mistreatment befalls Cinderella, barring her from the grand ball. A benevolent fairy intervenes, transforming her rags into a dazzling gown. At the ball, she captivates the prince, but the enchantment shatters at midnight. Leaving behind a glass slipper, her identity is revealed, leading to a heartwarming reunion that transcends the boundaries of adversity.


From Friday, February 9, 2024
6:45 PM Concert begins (Food will be served at 6:00 PM)

Price (Performance and Meal)

8,250 yen (tax included)


Enjoy a harmonious blend of music and cuisine with professional musicians and entertainers from “Music Island”. This project aims to foster local communities through the power of music.

Cinderella: Hikaru Ishizaka / Chiori Yamane
Fairy Godmother: Chinatsu Ikeno / Natsumi Kanamori
Sally the Wizard Fairy: Wakaba Iwasaki
Lily, the Wizard Fairy: Saki Okamatsu
Prince: Yosuke Noguchi / Hiroki Tomita
Minister: Yamnitsky Radzislaw
Stepmother (Tramaine): Yuji Fujisaki / Yumeko Tatezuka
Step-sister (Drizella): Yuuka Shoji
Sister-in-law (Anastasia): Nozomi Saito

Ensemble 1: Sakura Haruna / Kurumi Kimura
Ensemble 2: Kohane Yamashita

Piano: Yuki Hasegawa
Violin: Rie Kanematsu
Clarinet: Isshin Takeuchi

Two Parts of Musical & Opera Night

Part 1: Musical & Opera Show

In the initial segment, relish a captivating blend of opera and musical elements, featuring Uminoya’s original composition and direction. The ambiance, illuminated by sparkling chandeliers, enriches the storytelling experience, making it truly enchanting. Ideal for both newcomers and story enthusiasts, this show unveils the story of the popular Cinderella with some twists.

Part 2: Gala Concert

The second part unfolds as a concert featuring universally beloved songs, spanning famous musicals and a medley of compositions by a renowned lyricist from Awaji Island. Tailored to delight all generations, the performance concludes with a leisurely dessert, signaling the completion of a delightful meal.

Musical & Opera Night Limited Menu

Try the authentic 5-course meal that unfolds alongside the opera, featuring the rich flavors of Awaji ingredients. As the opera’s world unfolds before your eyes, the elegant moments, colored by each course, will enhance your dinner experience.

*Course content is subject to change depending on the season, and will be announced in due course from February.

About Uminoya

Uminoya takes the dining experience to extraordinary heights with its exceptional Japanese Western-style cuisine. The renowned romantic European-style full-course meal, a favorite among visitors, invites you to enjoy old-fashioned Western cuisine with Japanese twists, expertly crafted with an abundance of exquisite Awaji Island ingredients.

There is also an enticing display of cakes, tarts, and desserts at Uminoya. Crafted by skilled experts using fresh ingredients, these delicious treats such as fruit cream puffs and tarts with various fruit toppings are a must-try.