Dragon Quest Island Events Happening in December!

ニジゲンノモリ ドラクエ

The outdoor RPG attraction Dragon Quest in Nijigen no Mori Anime Park where you become the main character of the story and adventure through the mission has some exciting limited time events happening and some coming up soon!
Here are three new events/campaigns taking place at Dragon Quest Island attraction right now in December! For other winter time activities at Dragon Quest please read our article on the Slime coloring work shop.

1. Dragon Quest Winter Adventure for Children

Dragon Quest Island entrance

A limited-time quest for elementary school students called “Challenge from Homilot IV” will be held until March 31, 2024 (Sunday).
Children who enter Dragon Quest Island with a child ticket during the period can participate in the quest. They need to find quiz panels from “Homilot IV” placed around the attraction, solve the mysteries written there, and collect “keywords” to complete the quest. Children who solve all the mysteries and find the keywords will receive an original Dragon Quest Island desk pad as a reward. To receive this original desk pad, you need to tell the “keywords” to the “Weapon Shop” staff.

an original desk pad

Event Details:

Period: Until March 31, 2024 (Sunday)
*Note: Excluding the winter closing period. Details will be provided separately on the official website.

Participants: Customers who purchase a child ticket and enter the attraction (Children who have not yet entered elementary school can also participate.)

Location: Around the perimeter of the Onokogard Castle Town in “Dragon Quest Island”

Admission Fee: Free (Separate tickets required for admission to the attraction)
*Ticket prices : Child (5 to 11 years old/elementary school age or younger) / ¥1,400 and up,
Adult (12 years old and above) / ¥3,400 and up
*Ticket prices vary depending on the period.

2. Dragon Quest Lottery Campaign

The Dragon Quest Lottery Campaign is back by popular demands! Held for a limited time from December 18 (Monday) to December 22 (Friday), 2023.

During this campaign, all customers who purchase attraction tickets and enter during the above specified period will be given “lottery tickets” (fukubiki). These tickets can be exchanged at the “Lottery Place” located in the Onokogard Workshop next to Onokogard Castle. There, participants have the chance to try the lottery and win luxurious prizes such as Nijigen no Mori’s original goods and attraction admission tickets.

Campaign details:

Period: December 18 (Monday) to December 22 (Friday), 2023

Location: Onokogard Workshop

Participation Fee: Free (Separate attraction admission tickets are required)

1st Prize: “Dragon Quest Island” Pair Admission Tickets
2nd Prize: Original Goods, Trading Tin
3rd Prize: 5% OFF Coupon for Luida’s Bar/Shop
Participation Prize: Nijigen no Mori Original “Homilot IV” Sticker (for all participants who don’t win a prize)

3. Dragon Quest x Dragon Quest Monsters 3: Collaboration Campaigns

Dragon Quest Collaboration Campaign First Phase

Dragon Quest Island is hosting various campaigns starting from December, 2023 to celebrate the release of the latest “Dragon Quest Monsters” series, Dragon Quest Monsters 3: The Demon Prince and the Elf’s Journey.
The first phase of the campaign includes three exciting contents!

Phase 1 Event Details:

  1. Stamp Rally:
    • Stamp two out of five selected monsters on a dedicated stamp card at the stamp station within the attraction. Then show the stamped card to the weapon shop staff, and receive a sticker of the monster born from the combination of the two and a booklet in the style of an illustrated storybook titled “Pizaro and Rosalie” as a gift.
  2. Pizaro and Rosalie’s Message:
    • Find the messages of the main character Pizaro and his companion Rosalie within the attraction area. Take a photo with their messages!
  3. Special Sale of “Dragon Quest Monsters 3”:
    • During the campaign period, “Dragon Quest Monsters 3: The Demon Prince and the Elf’s Journey” game software and official goods will be available for special purchase at the shop & restaurant, Luida’s Bar.

Event Period: Until March 31, 2024 (Sunday)
*Note: Excluding the winter closure period. Details will be provided separately on the official website.

Locations: Various areas within Dragon Quest Island attraction

Fees: Free (Separate admission fees are required)

Dragon Quest Collaboration Campaign Second Phase

The 2nd phase of the collaboration campaign, starting from December 23 (Saturday), introduces three limited designs of coasters, which is given to all customers who purchase food at the shop & restaurant “Luida’s Bar.”

Additionally, there are two exclusive items that can only be obtained by the people who stay in the Dragon Quest collaboration room Slime’s Cocoon at the luxurious hotel Grand Chariot.

Period: December 23, 2023 (Saturday) – March 31, 2024 (Sunday)
*Note: Excluding the winter closure period.

Locations: Various areas within Dragon Quest Island and Grand Chariot

Fees: Free
(Separate admission and accommodation fees are required)

Bonus Details:

  • Food Purchase Bonus: Limited Coaster

Customers who purchase food at the shop & restaurant “Luida’s Bar” will receive one randomly selected coaster out of 15 designs as a gift. Among the 15 designs are three limited editions featuring monsters from Dragon Quest Monsters 3: The Demon Prince and the Elf’s Journey.

  • Welcome Card from Pizaro and Rosalie

Exclusive to guests who stay in the collaboration room Slime’s Cocoon at the luxury hotel, Grand Chariot.

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