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Zenbo Seinei is a Zen meditation retreat offering a sanctuary to rejuvenate your body and mind while surrounded by the breathtaking 360-degree panorama of Awaji Island. We are thrilled to announce a special event featuring a world-renowned calligrapher who specializes in modern calligraphy, Katie Noakes, who has crafted invitations for esteemed clients including the British Royal Family, luxury high-brand gatherings, and weddings across the globe.

Join us for this unique and special opportunity to learn British Modern Calligraphy firsthand from Katie Noakes at Zenbo Seinei.

What is Modern Calligraphy?

Calligraphy is the art form used to beautifully decorate everyday letters and words. It is often seen in everyday life, for example, on wedding invitations and nameplates for cafes and restaurants. It is a combination of not only the shape of the letters, but also the visual balance, line thickness and fineness, brush pressure, ink usage, and many other factors that require skill and practice.

With its focus on creativity and individuality, modern calligraphy offers practitioners the freedom to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of traditional script.

Zen x Modern Calligraphy



Katie Nokes stands globally as one of the foremost London calligraphers and illustrators. With an impressive client list that includes esteemed names like Chanel, Vogue, Cartier, and the British Royal House, Katie has left her mark on special events, weddings, and stationery designs through her exquisite calligraphy. Her talent and expertise have earned her recognition as a leader in her field, captivating audiences worldwide with her unparalleled skills.

Workshop Dates
March 5 (Tuesday) 2024

Workshop Overview
The modern calligraphy workshop will provide comprehensive coverage of basic calligraphy techniques, including dip pen and ink usage, fundamental stroke practice, and alphabet exercises. By the conclusion of the session, each participant will have the skills to render their name in calligraphy.

Katie Noakes will conduct the workshop in English, with Japanese translation provided for those who may struggle with English. Two plans are available for participants to choose from.

(1) Regular Plan

3:00 PM|Reception desk opens, welcome drink
3:30 PM|Calligraphy Workshop
4:30 PM|Free time & Tea time
5:00 PM|Check-out

Fee: 10,000 yen

(2) Plan with ZEN Wellness

1:00 PM|Reception desk opens
1:15 PM|ZEN Wellness program (Zen meditation)
1:45 PM|ZEN Afternoon tea
3:30 PM|Calligraphy workshop
4:30 PM|Free time & Tea time
5:00 PM|Check-out

Fees: 18,000 yen

Click here to make a reservation

Please select the plan you want from the link below, click March 5, and make your reservation.

*Please understand that the event will not be held if we do not receive 5 or more applications 5 days before the event date.

More About Zenbo Seinei

Zenbo Seinei is a Zen meditation retreat facility situated amidst the serene natural beauty of Awaji Island, located at 135°E. At Zenbo Seinei, you can partake in Zen meditation, Zen calligraphy, Zen cuisine, and more while surrounded by the island’s breathtaking landscapes.