European Folk Music Event at Naminoritei

Naminoritei theater, situated on the western coast of Awaji Island, is a spacious 190-seat theater with gracious atmosphere and a magnificent view to the Harimanada ocean. In addition, the stage is very close to seats, making visitors feel like being right next to performers.
In February 2024 they are featuring an European folk music, not only playing music but also providing characteristics of instruments along with the histories of various countries. Come and enjoy a journey through Europe by listening to the sounds of the countries you probably haven’t visited!

Please note that there will be no ballet performances.


February 17, 2024 (Saturday)
February 18, 2024 (Sunday)

Start Time: 2:00 p.m. (Doors open 30 minutes prior)

Program info

Experience folk music from Slovakia, Croatia, Italy, France, Ireland, and more.

Tancuj tancuj vykrucaj (Slovakia)
Ajde jano (Balkans)
Evo Banke (Croatia)
Bella Ciao (Italy)
Sous le ciel de Paris (France)
Drunken sailor (Ireland)
Bubarra (Gypsy)
And others


Accordion: Yamnitsky Radislaw
Piano: Kishida Takeshi
Violin: Kiren Mai
Trombone: Aizawa Takuto
Bass: Tasaki Yosuke
Percussion: Takebe Leo / Shimomura Kazuha

Venue & Access

Seashore Theater Naminoritei:
70 Nojima-okawa, Awaji City, Hyogo 656-1723, Japan

Parking: Free (approximately 60 cars)


General: 2,000 yen
Elementary, junior high and high school students: 500 yen

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Location Seikaiha
Address 70 Nojima-okawa, Awaji City, Hyogo Pref. 656-1723
Phone Number 0799-70-9020
Website https://awaji-seikaiha.com/
Reservations https://www.tablecheck.com/en/shops/awaji-seikaiha/reserve
Access 10 minutes by car from Awaji IC on Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway. 15 minutes by car from Hokudan IC.
Parking 50 spaces

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